Title is still work in progress: all suggestions welcome!

Quite laterally, I cannot settle for a name for this article as my mind keeps pushing and pulling me back and forth on different ideas. Seventies look with a modern twist, a story of brown on navy, or simply settle for the re-emergence of the turtleneck? At best none of those titles even come close to telling the full story and at worst, well they just don’t make sense by themselves.


You know what, I’m just going to carry on describing the look and leave you all to come up with a title. I think that sounds fair, yes? Please feel free to leave your comments and title suggestions below.

A lot of you out there may have already started experiencing the merciless cold winter breeze and so it would makes sense if you pile on the layers and put on sensible jackets. I reckon a good number of you only took out those heavy coats from the back of your wardrobe two or three weeks ago. I know I took mine out two weeks ago. But before you start to turn up your nose on those autumn garments, please allow me to share this look with you.


With only two colours, this look is simple but effective in so many ways. For starters, brown will always look good on navy which makes this combo a no-brainer. Navy is one of those colours that goes with almost anything and is as versatile as you get, whereas brown is perfect for outer garments and and accessories. When it comes to my shoes, eighty percent of my them are brown. I simply can’t get enough of brown shoes.

Ok the truth is that I could have worn that leather jacket with (for example) a coloured chunky jumper, a pair of blue jeans and probably white or even brown trainers/sneakers and it would have been ok. I would have fitted in nicely with the “casual” crowd but as you may have guessed through my personal style, I don’t like to fit in. Why try to look like everyone else out there when you can stand out and make a statement for all the right reasons? Ok this look is not exactly my typical statement look but it does a good job of setting me apart from the crowd.


The turtleneck is a classic piece that commands elegance and respect as it has the allure of “intelligent gentlemanly” look when worn correctly. To match my turtleneck, I opted for a pair of light grey and navy wool pinstripe trouser (half of a suit). As you can see, the navy game was getting quite strong already and so to mix it up a little bit, a retro looking brown biker jacket was absolutely necessarily. Its asymmetric breast pocket zip, epaulette and waist level belt all make this jacket edgy and a bit towards the rock and roll side.

Cuts for him

To match the jacket, I wore a very old and visibly worn out pair of Chelsea boots. The scoffed and worn out pair of Chelsea boots was actually essential to the look. To add a bit of personality to my look, I folded my trouser at the bottom to reveal more of the boots.


Let me know your thoughts on this.

Photos by – Augustchild

5 thoughts on “Title is still work in progress: all suggestions welcome!”

  1. Hey Mr @cutsforhim, thoughts on the title of your post..
    70s = brown suede jacket + Mod = Brown Chelsea boots + Revival = ‘to bring back’

    ….Sprinkle some fairy dust and a pinch of 70s soul and funk…. et ‘viola’ ’70s Mod Revival’
    Hope that helps x

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