Hello everyone! So I am currently in Freetown, Sierra Leone soaking up the sun and sipping some coconut water. The Seaview is just breath-taking. I am here for a very good friend’s wedding which I am absolutely looking forward to.

Anyway this post is about an amazing event Cuts for Him is hosting on the 25th of May 2017.

I am delighted to personally invite you to Cuts for Him’s FASHION INDUSTRY INSIDERS networking event at the luxurious Millenium Hotel, Chelsea Harbor.

This event will bridge the gap between established Fashion industry professionals and newcomers to the industry. An amazing panel of experts has been put together to deliver short talks and share insider’s expertise and insight.

This event aims to create an ideal setting for networking with industry professionals who will provide indispensable advice on how to succeed in Fashion.
In addition to hearing from our guest speakers, the evening will include a question and answer session, live music and an exciting fashion show featuring 3 impressive upcoming ‘next to watch’ designers in the industry. The evening will be accompanied by drinks, canapes and exciting goody bags.
In attendance will be:
– Fashion designers (pret-a-porter, footwear, accessories, & jewelry).
– Stylists
– Photographers
– Models
– Fashion Bloggers
– Magazine Editors
– Fashion PR
– Fashion lovers passionate about high-quality luxury goods
– Artist who collaborate in the Fashion world

With the help of my team we we’ve put together an amazing line up to make sure you truly have a great time.

Click on this link below to purchase your tickets. Please leave your questions and comments about the event below. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

The Weeknd and H&M’s spring collection

I was walking past one of H&M’s Oxford street shops a few weeks ago when I first saw the imprint XO on a hoodie. I had to do two takes at the window for what I saw to sink in.

The minute I realise it was a collaboration between the Swedish fashion powerhouse and the Canadian born music artist The Weeknd, I got excited. I just Continue reading The Weeknd and H&M’s spring collection

Cuts for Him | My London, my style

So the team and I created this styling piece a few months ago. If i am honest, this video is one of my favourite for many reasons. However, I found myself holding back from sharing it with you some strange reason. I kind of felt like I needed to add something to the video not because it lacks something but to enhance what it is truly about.

The funny thing is that I couldn’t put put my finger on what I needed to add. It was only a few weeks ago that it donned on me that I should add a voiceover to the video. Yes thats it, a voiceover would enhance what I am trying to relay in the video. The only trouble now is that I have never done a voiceover before and this kind of petrified me. My fear was that it may not sound organic enough given that the video was created months ago and I am only now adding a voice to it.  With a bit of encouragement from people around, I thought to myself I don’t need to be a Morgan Freeman or even a Sir David Attenborough to do this lol. So here is my first take on voiceovers.

Right, back to the concept of this look. The idea for this look as you would have already guessed was Continue reading Cuts for Him | My London, my style


Hello everyone. I apologise for going a bit quiet over the past week or so. I am currently working on other projects for you guys which I hope you will like. Already putting together a few things for spring-summer. Bring one the sunshine and the pollen. Ok not the pollen just the sunshine lol.

To continue with Industry Insiders, I spoke to menswear fashion blogger Omiri Thomas about his style inspiration among other things. Among the people that influence his style is his grandfather.

Check out the video below to watch the full interview.

Continue reading INDUSTRY INSIDERS : CF Him meets Omiri Thomas | CUTS FOR HIM

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