How to stretch your Summer into Autumn with a suit

Well look who is here, seems like I got your attention with the article title. You are most welcome and please keep reading. By the way, if you have not subscribed to this blog yet, i encourage you to do so as i have a lot to share in the coming weeks and months which you don’t want to miss.  Just in case some of you are wondering what makes a suit a summer or winter or autumn or whatever season suit, let me give you two main pointers before I move on to talking about my super cool suit. But why does summer have to end in the first place? It would save us so much hassle if it was summer all year round right? Anyway, quick back to the suit. Two quick pointers to always check for when determining a seasonal suit are fabric and colour.

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Summer suits are generally lightweight with weave that are slightly looser allowing breathability. Remember it is hot during the summer months so breathability is absolutely essential when choosing a fabric or indeed buying a suit for that time of the year. The second pointer is colour. Summer colours for suits are usually either vibrant or light shades and naturals like beige and stone as oppose to charcoal grey, navy and other darker colours suited to the cold seasons. Get these two rules right and the rest will fall into place.

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However, I am in the mood to break some rules today. There is no way I am going to spend hundreds of pounds on a beautifully crafted suit and be expected to only wear it during summer. It just does not make financial sense neither would I be doing justice to the suit itself. So guess what, I am going to stretch my money by wearing this suit in all its splendour until that cold wind really start to hit my bones. Besides, who made these colour rules anyway?


As I was saying its rule breaking time so stick with me for a minute or two while I explain myself. Quick word of caution before I proceed. Before you break a rule, make sure you know what the rules are first of all. Going against the grain is sweet but make sure you know the direction of flow before going against it. That way, you can do it like a boss.

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The suit I am wearing is made with a linen-wool-silk blend fabric that provides comfort and luxury at the same time. The linen provides strength and breathability to the suit, whiles the wool and silk gives durability and structure. What you basically have is a suit made of fabric that is lightweight and breathable but not saggy or droopy. It maintains it form and structure and with the right cut, can look like you were born with it.


So to stretch my summer suit into autumn, I have done two main things.

The first is simply and straightforward as all I had to do was wear the full three piece to provide some warmth. Yep the waistcoat provides extra layering on top of my cotton blue shirt.

The second thing I had to do was I intentionally wore the suit with accessories that that stand out. No matchy matchy business.

My choice of neckwear was an orange 3.1 inches’ wool blend tie that is guaranteed to keep the neck area warm and can be seen for miles.I went with a paisley charcoal grey and red with highlights of gold wool pocket square which I purposely choose so it does not match my tie. As for my socks, if there was a time to not match socks with trouser then this was it. Can you imagine me wearing socks that matched my suit? That would have been a guaranteed faux pas. My choice of burgundy socks helped to highlight and bring to life my ankle area.

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Even though no item exactly matches another (apart from the suit itself), they all play important roles to form a coherent whole to create the look.

So if you have a suit that you think is only for summer, I would encourage you to look into ways and means you can get your money’s worth by bringing it up to date with the season.

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If you have an alternative style to what I have described above, I would love to hear about it in the comment section below.

Photos – Mista Skee

Location – West Thirty Six 

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  1. What a gentleman, you look exquisite…
    Your choice of suit, the decor, very iconic..

    I love everything about this shoot!!!
    *****this is eye candy*****

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