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This article is the last of the three-part series I started some weeks ago called “Sunday best”. If you missed the first two, may I encourage you to go back and read first one here and  then the second here so the whole piece makes more sense.

Last week, I did a short video piece for a car company (which I hope to share with you all when it comes out) and one of the questions I was asked was “what does style mean to you?”. This question is not unusual to me as a style blogger but for the first time, I was forced to think deeper what style means to me as I face the camera to give my take on this. I gave my usual answer which is that my style is a way of bringing out some of what’s on the inside for the world to see.


My style is purposeful and is driven by some of my character traits and evidently subtly challenges everyone around on how I wish to be addressed and related to without me having to say a word. This peaked the curiosity of my interviewer as his eyes narrowed and gently nodded in affirmation as if to say “I have not heard anyone put it this way before so please tell me more”.


Before I knew it, I found myself talking about temples and their significance from a Christian perspective. A temple as I understand is a place of worship to God which automatically make one very important. A brick and mortar temple is distinctive and different when compared to other buildings. It is cared for and looked after very well by cleaning and decorating it beautifully as is evident with cathedrals. The physical structure of a temple is big, bold and has intricate details not usually found on other buildings. In other words, a temple is purposefully built with precision and care to such an extent that you don’t need to be told it is a temple. A temple stands out.


I guess you know what I am going to say next right? Yep, I compared my style to the temple scenario. In fact, I went further to say that I believe I am a temple. A breathing, talking, walking and living temple that needs to be looked after and clothed with a purpose.

The bible’s description of the human body being a temple is more spiritual and makes emphasis on what goes into it but I think what goes on it should not be neglected neither. As I said in the last article on this series, just because God looks at the heart does not mean you should not look after your appearances.


As a living temple, it is my duty to present myself to the world in such a way that shows reverence, boldness, confidence, integrity and even be different. My style has to say more about me than just a man who wears nice clothes. It needs to be thought provoking to the onlooker.


As a boy, my Sunday best was more about wearing coordinated and perfectly pressed clothes trying to outshine the other kids at Sunday school. But of course with age comes maturity and maturity ushers in true style. A style that says more about my personality and character than words could ever say. A style that says I am a temple and I respect and take myself seriously and want to be taken seriously by others. I am his most precious creation on earth as I am “fearfully and wonderfully made”. A style that is a visual representation of the joy and peace inside of me.


I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this short series so much that I will be creating other Sunday best series in the near future. I have so many ideas which I hope to share with you all soon. My best “Sunday best” is yet to come. Do not forget to subscribe to my blog to receive email notifications for new articles. Also follow my Instagram page for a more regular update of my work.

Having a conversation with style consultant and creative director Rita Colson

I want to sign off this article with a couple of questions for you. What does your style say about you? Do you have a style at all or do you just come and go with the wind? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

With style consultant and creative director Rita Colson

Oh and a big thank you to the two beautiful and creative minds August child and Rita Colson for your contribution to this series. Check out their work.

Photography by August child

8 thoughts on “Sunday best – 3”

  1. I would have thought that Sunday best would be completely formal and conservative. It’s interesting to see an element of casual there though 😉

    1. Ah yes indeed Hubert. I personally like to mix things up a bit. Change the order of things. Thanks for the comment though! appreciate it

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article and I agree with you on dressing on how you would like to be addressed without speaking a word.

    Great pictures too and the styling is on point as always.

    YaaLia | Fashion Sense Blog |

  3. Everyday is Sunday with you my friend 🙂 hope you are doing well! Nice pictures and advices as always!

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