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I remember saying in a previous blog post that one should only dress as you wish to be addressed. I personally believe that your style is a little window to what’s going on on the inside of you. I also happen to believe that in a world where you are more likely to be judged or compartmentalised by your appearance, one aught to be sure of what image you want to portray through the way you dress.


About a month ago, I did a collaboration with the Japanese car company Mazda on a piece that is part of a series called SprezzaturaSprezzatura celebrate the art of individual style involved fashion industry insiders such as stylist, designers, curators and bloggers. “Sprezzatura is the attitude to your own style where you are relaxed in taking a slightly different approach to the perceived norm” as expressed by the movement.

It’s all in the detail! Pocket square, check!

This expression perfectly suits my style as a fashion and lifestyle consultant. I usually say to people, there is no point in trying to look like everyone else. Why be a copy of someone else when you have the luxury to be your authentic self through style?

Was good to meet “The style siblings” Donya Campbell and Martell “MR Flyy” Campbell

You might be thinking what has a car got to do with personal style and fashion. Well I encourage you to head over to the Sprezzatura website to see what design director Kevin Rice and his team are doing. “KODO is about capturing dynamic energy just before the moment it is released, and because we at Mazda are moved by a passion for unique design and beauty in all fields, we’re inspired to see what extraordinary new creations are possible” said Kevin Rice.

Donna Campbell (Designer and blogger), Nas Abraham (visual artist) and Martell “MR Flyy” Campbell (designer and blogger)

Anyway, let me not bore you anymore with too much talk but please take a look at the video where I talk about one of my favourite piece of garment, the blazer, which should be an essential part of every modern stylish man’s wardrobe. The blue blazer i have on is my statement piece in that look and if you are someone who follows my work, then you would know I embrace colour in all it forms, all year round.

[wpvideo KQPhsUOD]

The look:

Blazer – Suitsupply

Tie – Suitsupply

Pocketsquare – Suitsupply

Shirt – T.M Lewin

Cufflinks – Portobello road market

Trouser – Suitsupply

Socks – Pauls smith

Shoes – Paul Smith

8 thoughts on “Dress as you wish to be addressed – Mazda, the spirit of Sprezzatura”

  1. Wow this was such a very powerful post. I can really relate to this because my blog is actually about being fearless. We all look at people and judge them. I created my blog as a platform to encourage people to be themselves and not worry about what others think.
    BTW: Love your style!

    Only The Brave Blog

  2. For the longest I have said that fashion is art and we are the canvas. The clothes we wear are definitely and expression of what we are feeling at that moment. There are some people who dress very well and people instantly think they are stuck up. I know that some people can be intimidated by that. Love this post it’s so powerful.

    Only The Brave Blog

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