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Choosing the right suit and using accessories around it shouldn’t be a rocket science when you know the basic rules of looking dapper. A business suit is by far the most important and most utilised suit for movers and shakers in the city. You only have to pop round to the squire mile or canary wharf in London during peak hours too see a sea of men donning business suits. Financial advisors, bankers, IT consultants and marketing executives all wearing business suits to look the part.


For any stylish individual, colour, fabric, and fit are just a few things to be taken into consideration when investing in a business suit. From the boardroom to a shared office space, you want to leave a great impression on the minds of those around you. Whilst most of what happens in these environments may be out of your control, how you look in that suit shouldn’t be one of them. In fact if there is one thing that should be totally in your control, it is your look.


A good suit can act like body armour and make a man feel like he can take on the world. Confidence is often attached to feeling good in your own skin, but a well-cut second skin can often do the job too” said Charles Casley-Hayford for the telegraph.


Usually, the colours of choice for a business suit are predominantly navy or grey and for a good reason too. These colours are the safest and the most versatile in the corporate environment. Pay attention to the fabric of your suit. In fact pay a lot of attention to this detail as a good suit should be breathable and shouldn’t trap heat. Whilst tailors and fashion houses use various cloths to make suits to fit varying budgets and look, wool is a choice that seem both affordable and practical for a business suit. The fit is also very important as you go in search for that perfect suit. You certainly don’t want to get the colour and the fabric right only for the suit to look like it was borrowed due to the wrong fit. Whilst getting the perfect fit from an off-the-shelf retailer can be difficult, knowing your body type is a good start. Most of these high-street retailers make suits to cater to as many body types as possible for obvious reasons so be careful where you buy yours. I personally do in-house fitting where 8 out of 10 times get them to nip in and alter a thing or two to fit my body shape for that extra flair. One good reason to do an in-house alteration is that if things go wrong, they can always give you a new suit free of charge.


I have put together a look that i personally think is not only safe but stylish and elegant, using a pinstripe two piece navy and grey suit. But let me make one thing absolutely clear before i type another word. If you are looking to invest in your first business suit, then am afraid pinstripe is not for you. I suggest you take a look at “The most versatile suit ever made” article where i described the importance of the navy suit and how it can serve you very well. Only consider pinstripe as your third or fourth option as far as suits are concerned. Having said all that, nothing screams of business and sophistication more than a well put together pinstripe. Pinstripe commands an extra layer of confidence and power compared to the alternative which means it needs to be treated with caution.


Personally, i prefer subtle pinstripe over bold pinstripe any day as it gives me more flexibility when it comes to adding accessories. With a baby-blue shirt at the background, i decided to ditch the typical red or burgundy or even blue tie for a green one. To add an extra layer of suave, i threw in a dotted green and white pocket square with the green almost matching that of the tie. The tie pin as small as it may look gives the outfit that extra layer of tailored look. Whilst i usually go for coloured socks, on this occasion i matched them with the colour of my trouser. Brown shoes are quite simply my default shoes as i will chose brown over black any day given the occasion.


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Photography by August Child

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      1. Had a look at your blog again. Great work by the way. The content is good. If anything, just try to adjust the look and feel of it a little bit. I understand this might be down to the template you use, but just a little bit of personalisation would make it stand out more. Really love your content though.

  1. Love the navy and dark green combo and great details for that personal touch. looking sharp here Mr. Cuts

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