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It’s Friday today and I am still recovering from the hustle and bustle of last weekend’s London Collections: Men fashion show. I love weekends like last week. I get to see the best of what fashion has to offer and meet like-minded people who share my passion and creativity. I get a sneak peak of what’s coming up in men’s fashion and get to deliver that to all of you.  If you haven’t done so already, check out my post on LCM.

I promised to give you guys a run down of the outfits I wore to LCM

Day 1, look 1

Getting dressed for the first day of LCM

IMG_4097At first glance this outfit is your typical classic look. Double breasted blazer and tie, but if you look a little closer you will see the subtle twists that make this outfit into something completely different

I started with a plaid trouser, because well who doesn’t love plaid right? I love how I wanted the trouser to be the focus of this outfit, so opted for a neutral colour for the blazer. For me the only colour option here was navy, it goes with everything. This particular blazer me a great balance between smart and casual. The gold buttons and sport cut complimented the cut of the trouser perfectly. I always like to throw in an item that you wouldn’t traditionally expect to see in an outfit. In this case, it was the denim shirt. Did you notice it?  The shirt had that “double take, look a bit harder” impact that I love; it made sure that people knew I wasn’t going for a strict classic look. The gold and yellow tie matching the pocket square and gold buttons gave the look a playful edge.

With creative director and visual artist Nas Abraham

Day 2, look 2


How does that Megan Trainor song go? Its all about the base… well this outfit is all about the mustard coat. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that this is my favourite coat and I am sure you can see why. Its bold, its vibrant, its beautiful and it has a wow factor like no other coat in my wardrobe. It’s a statement piece and everything needs to evolve around it. The idea is that when I am up and about, the coat is always on me and it takes all the attention. Typically when I wear this coat its draped over my shoulders

The navy suit is a classic and it never fails me. To give it a slightly different angle, I decided to wear with it a pair of white leather converse that perfectly matched my shirt. I wanted to create a three-way colour scheme around my ankles that you could see when I am sitting down so opted for a yellow sock with slightly folded trouser bottoms

With Liverpool and British striker, Daniel Sturbridge and his girlfriend



Day 3, look 3


Ok since the day I donned this look to this very minute of typing this article, I have been trying to find a name for this look, but I’ve well and truly failed. In fact I am not going to try any more as this look shouldn’t be put in a box.

This is a look is a step away from my normal style and I loved it. LCM seemed like the perfect place to try out something different.

There are different elements to this outfit that are borrowed from different styles. This outfit was about style and practicality. London is freezing right now so layering was an essential part of keeping me warm throughout the LCM weekend, adding the denim jacket under the blazer provided me with the edge I was looking for, and kept me warm… winner all round, I’m sure you’ll agree. For me the risky part of this outfit is the hat. You may be wondering why I see a hat as a risk, well let me explain that I’m not a big hat wearer. Take a look at the pictures on this blog or my instagram and you wont find a hat anywhere. But for me the risk paid off. The yellow knit tie complements the yellow polka dot pocket square, whilst the grey blazer complements the grey shoes. This was definitely my favourite look of the show.

What do you think of the hat?



Day 4, Look 4


Three words for this look: clean, sharp dandy! For the last day of the show, I wanted to look sharp without looking like I was wearing a uniform of some sort. Borrowing two thirds of my light brown three-piece suit, wearing a navy jacket created the contrast I wanted. My choice of navy and light brown stripe tie nicely complements the jacket and the waistcoat.

The pink pocket square added a colourful dimension to lift an otherwise low-key outfit. I could have easily gone for a brown pocket square but I reckon the pink definitely everyone know that I wasn’t going to the boardroom.


With Scottish model, Eunice Olumide.

So there you have it, all four looks. Tell me in the comment section below which one is your favourite . Also feel free to share how you would alter any of them .

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6 thoughts on “LCM | C F Him | Four Looks in four days”

  1. I absolutely admire your style and how its very unique to you with the playful elements you add to each outfit. I really had to look hard to notice the denim shirt from day 1’s look if you hadn’t mentioned it.

    My fave look is from day 2 and love the colour combos. Navy, yellow and white. its just the pop of yellow socks and that mustard coat (I’m still praying for it).

    I love the fun aspect with the hat on day 3. Very cool laid back, preppy look and the combo on day 4 is pretty cool too, you are right, Navy does go with everything.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Yaa.Lia | | Yaa.Lia’s Fashion Sense Blog

    1. Bless y0ur heart Yaalia. Thanks for your support. The jury is still out on the mustard coat tho.. 😀

    1. I think of myself as a self taught style enthusiast! Others may call me a stylist 😀 … I will leave it to you to put me into a fitting category! Either way, i’ll take it as a complement 😀

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