That cocktail party suit for spring


Hello hello hello! Right, I am not going to write a lot in this post as I want you focus on the suit. First of all, I have had a massive debate with at least 5 people regarding the colour of this suit. Suggestions such as Peacock, Teal, Aegean, Blue, Bluegreen and Sapphire have all been tabled and you know what, now am even confused as to what the actual colour is. This is my suit but I am confused about the colour! Crazy right? Well unlike one of the biggest debates last year about the Blue and Black (or white and gold) dress, this suit’s actual colour is not going to bother me one bit. All I know is that this suit is beautiful and if you are into colour, consider getting one or something similar. It would be a worthy investment for spring which is just round the corner.


Just in case you were wondering, this is N O T your typical work suit. Except you work for an organisation whose business is to look different and embrace individual style then do not wear this to work. In essence, this shouldn’t be your first nor your second suit but a seasonal suit for specific occasions.


This suit is perfect for cocktail parties hosted either outside (on a warm spring evening) or indoors when the weather is not playing ball. A cocktail party is an event that requires a bit more sprucing up than your usual smart/casual jeans and shirt look but also falls short of the full formal dinner look. Cocktail parties can be hosted independently for networking whiles socialising but can also be a warm up to a more formal event such as a wedding, anniversary celebration, a birthday gathering or even a dinner party. A great opportunity to acquire taste for caviar, champagne and of course great cocktails.


The suit itself speaks volumes to include confidence, poised, stylish and intentionality which can all be attributed to the wearer. Because of its nature, this suit is always your statement piece when you choose to wear it. This means everything else around it needs to be subdued. As seen in the photos, I went with the option of black shirt, black pocketsquare and black shoes. To sprinkle my own dash of individual taste, I added a patterned cravat which has elements in it that complements the suit.


Just like a cocktail party, this suit is lightweight, fun but effective!

Guys, would you wear this suit and if so, what would you wear it with? Ladies, would this suit rock your boat if your man wore it?


Would also like to use this opportunity to thank the management of W hotel Barcelona for allowing us to shoot at their premises for a whole weekend. As far as hospitality is concerned, W is the place to be. I will be doing a blog post on this soon.

Suit – Marks and Spencer





5 thoughts on “That cocktail party suit for spring”

  1. Barcelona has my heart, easily one of my favourite places. As for the suit, what a beautiful color combination, you wear it well!!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I personally would go for colours i am already using or familia with. A good base would be with a white shirt. A navy blazer would give you a wider range of colours to use for your cravat.

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