The Print and I

There was something about print shirts that made me look the other way whenever I walk into a store. I couldn’t quite tell what it was but prints made me feel slightly uncomfortable to even trying one on.



Could it be the very casual nature or was it the lack of versatility that kept me away from prints? For someone who loves to mix and match outfits to create my unique style, versatility of a garment is very important. I want to buy a piece of garment knowing that I can pair it with many others that I already have to create as many combinations as possible. With prints, I feel as if I am a bit restricted. The wrong pairing of a print shirt risks me looking like a Christmas tree. Well that was what I told myself anyway.


A few weeks ago, I walked into a department store in London to buy a pair of chinos when I spotted this navy and white shirt by Paul Smith. To my surprise as someone who does not dabble with prints, I because drawn to this shirt. Picket it up and there was no way I was going to put it down again.

I have worn it three times already and I can honestly say I love it. Not only do I love it, I have received numerous complements from different people which begs the question – why has it taken me this long to warm up to prints?


What are your thoughts on print shirts on a man or woman? Do you like them on yourself or do you prefer them on someone else? Let me know in the comment section below.

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