Casual with a hint of class for Spring/summer

As you all know, summer is around the corner and for what it’s worth, the layers are falling off as fast as autumn leaves. As the temperature rises, naturally we wear less and gravitate more towards comfort. Even though the weather in Europe has taken a dive in the last couple of days, I thought it would be handy to do a quick post on spring/summer casual wear


For many people, the minute the word casual is mentioned, denim or tracksuit bottoms and trainers come to mind. Don’t get me wrong there is a place for the above but casual need not be that casual. The kind of casual I am talking about is one where you can walk into a classy bar and not feel out of place. IMG_7594I was away for a long weekend in Venice recently and I fully utilised the casual but classy look. I was able to pull off two different looks with changes to the top half of my outfits only

This will hopefully give you an idea of how easy it is to pull off a casual but classy look.


Loafers: These black Bass tasseled loafers are one of my favourites and I have had them for over two years. The colour of them means they go with almost anything casual or smart-casual. I personally think every gent needs to own a pair of loafers of some sort.

Shorts: These khaki shorts are without a doubt my favourite. Theyused to be full length chinos from Tommy Hilfiger but something prompted me to cut them into shorts. Best decision I have ever made when it comes to shorts. They come with me on every warm holiday.

IMG_9114 Shirt: Every man should have a few fresh and crisp white shirts in his closet. In fact I personally think every man should have no less than four clean shirts at any one time. White shirts are so vital and work well with almost anything.

Waistcoat: I personally love waistcoats. They add an ora of sophistication to your look. Spring weather is perfect for wearing waistcoats over a shirt.

Blazer: Blazers are my favourite garments for the upper body. They seamlessly transform a casual look into a smart-casual in an instant. The right kind of sport blazer can improve your elegance game massively. My advicec is to invest in more than one. I promise you won’t regret it.

Bow tie and pocket square: These two accessories are just my way of being different. The bows in these two looks add a dimension of quirkiness that says I know what I am doing. The fact that all my bows are self tie is even better as you can see the organic nature of the look. It’s bold, it’s confident and it’s classy. Pocket squares are of course a stable whenever I wear a blazer.


So there you have it, the casual with a hint of class look. Just another way to spruce up your look this spring/summer.

Tell me what you think in the comment section below. Do you have a casual look you prefer or would you do things differently? Please leave a comment or two. Also, do not forget to follow me on instagram @cutsforhim for a daily update of photos.

2 thoughts on “Casual with a hint of class for Spring/summer”

  1. I love your style. As far as casual is concerned, I think there are different ways to do casual which are definitely dependant on the occasion. I love a white tee and denim combo because you can build all kinds of fun outfits around it.

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