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Ok here is another super quick post that I have been meaning to share for a while now. I was in Barcelona sometime ago to do precisely this, shoot for the blog. I already shared some articles containing the shoot which can be found here, here and here talking about suits, colour blocking and archietecture.

IMG_8086 What I want to do now is to give you a quick summary of the lifestyle I experienced whilst I was there. This trip was not my first to this great city because of this , I already had certain expectations of what to expect and I’m not going to lie to you I set the bar high, very high. Lucky for me all my expectations and wishes were met and even exceeded.

If I am honest, it’s a bit hard to describe Barcelona in a few lines to anyone who has not been.

A few words that come to mind are arty, architecture, hipster, culture and vibrant.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have heard a few discouraging stories mainly centred on race relations but personally, I have always had a good time there. In fact, because of my pleasant personal experience I am obliged to add the words cheap and hospitable to the list above.  IMG_8089

Note that I am not referring to the kind of cheap you turn your nose up at but a good value for money when compared to other European cities. If you any travel website Barcelona will most likely be in the top 3 to 5 cheapest destinations for flight and hotel. For me, someone who loves to travel frequently, this is a massive selling point.

My second point hospitality is one of those things I do not compromise on even here in London. Good people skills and good customer service skills can make all the difference to your experience. Obviously I haven’t been to all the establishments in Barcelona to make this claim so I am going to base my conclusion on where I spent my time, the W Barcelona. The W is one of those places that just have to be experienced to get the full picture. The staff were super friendly and helpful. IMG_8088 The photos of the poolside area speak for themselves. It really does look this amazingly beautiful. The Telegraph once described the poolside as a “catalogue photo shoot”. I have to say that it provided me with the perfect backdrop for the shoot.

The style and character of the hotel reminded me a lot of Dubai where shiny new architecture rules the day. If you are not a fan of Barcelona’s famous Romanesque, Gothic or indeed Modernist architecture then you will feel right at home at the W. It has a great vibe with its 26th floor eclipse bar attracting the city’s young movers and shakers and guaranteeing you the perfect view of the most beautiful sunset.


What I enjoyed most about about hanging out at the W was their Sunday Retox party. I know these type of events happen in London, but I have never personally been to one . The fact that it happens from midday was a real novelty to me. I was blown away by the amount and choices of food and drinks available. With a live DJ session, you will be forgiven to think it’s a nightclub. The hashtag #ThisIsNotASundayBrunch is a dead giveaway. With the friendly staff combined with a great atmosphere, I highly recommend Retox whenever you are in Barcelona.


Would love to hear your thought on your experiences if you have been to the W at all.if you decide to visit Retox, please come back and share your thoughts.


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