That early summer look

Nothing says “summer” better than a light coloured blazer with a pair of trainers. Once you get these two items right, what you choose to wear in-between is completely up to you.


Let me get straight into it and list out what I wore on an evening out on my most recent holiday.



Blazer: If you’ve been reading my blog for at least a few months then you would know that I put a lot of emphasis on my blazers. As I mentioned in this piece I did with Mazda last year, a blazer has the potential to transform your entire look. A well cut blazer is that perfect bridge between casual and smart. You can through a blazer over a t-shirt and you are guaranteed to pull off a smart-casual look. For this piece, I wore a light blue check blazer which is in fact a suit. To pull off the smart-casual look, I ditched the trouser for a pair of chino.


Chino: Chinos are a perfect balance between denim and a pair of traditional trouser. If you do not have a pair or two in your wardrobe already, I urge you to invest in at least one. A pair of dark coloured chinos will do you a lot of good as they transcend seasons. For my look, I went for navy chino to contrast the blazer.

Shirt: Nothing is as versatile as a crisp white shirt. Every man should have at least three in your wardrobe.


Trainers: A pair of smart white lace-ups trainers (or sneakers as our America friends would call it) can take you more places than you could imagine. Never underestimate the flexibility of a pair of trainers especially when they are leather. These white trainers are sure to add a laid-back element to your look.


Sunglasses: Sunglasses or shades or specs or whatever you may want to call them are a must have for summer. Apart from their practical use of reducing sunlight that enters your eyes, they make you look cool.

Pocket square: Last but not least is the pocket square. The truth is I always feel like my look is never complete if I am not wearing one. No matter how dapper or dandy I look, on most occasions, I have to have one on for the look to be complete. So for this look, I opted for a bright coloured pocket square. Kind of like a statement piece but without the bravado. something to give the entire look a bit of colour.


So there you have it, my early summer look. Let me know in the comment section what you think. What would you add or remove from the look?

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Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Blazer: Suitsupply – Chino: Gap – Trainers: Suitsupply – Shirt: T M Lewin – Sunglasses: Ray ban – Pocket square: Paul Smith

2 thoughts on “That early summer look”

  1. ooh I love this light coloured blazer with that pink pocket square contrast. You definitely have the summer vibe going on with this look.

    ( also could you do me a favour and insert the sunglasses emoji at the end of your sunglasses paragraph. that’s what came to mind when I read that lol )

    YaaLia x

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