The ultimate summer suit

For those in England, the weather has been kind to us in the past few days. Some might even add that it has been too kind as garments and layers are falling off due to the “excessive” heat. I try not to complain as I know I’d rather this hot weather any day to a rainy or snowy one. Truth be told, its easier to keep warm than to cool down but like I said, give me a hot day over a cold one any time. As Brits, our conversations are never a few sentences away from talking about the weather. Its like we just love to talk about the weather. It is a conversation starter and I can see why most people would use it as an ice breaker. Everyone can relate to the conditions of the weather.  Anyway enough about the weather already.


The reason for this post is to show you my ultimate summer, or should I say hot weather suit. Summers in England are no guarantee for hot weather as you may know. So really and truly, I should change the title of the post from “summer suit” to “hot weather suit” right? Nah I think I will leave it as it is. Sounds more exciting to have the word summer in a sentence. Anyway, if you are like me who does not allow the weather to dictate whether I should wear a suit or not, then please read on. Simply put, just because it is hot is not enough reason for me to ditch my suit. Having said that, I would be pushing it to think I can pull off a full suit made out of wool in the blazing sun.


So the question is, what to do? I personally try to go for suits that can cut across seasons with little effort in terms of the fabric and colour. However, from time to time one needs to invest in season specific suits. Here are three factors you should consider when you want to invest in a hot weather suit.


  • Fabric – this is the most important element you should check for when buying a seasonal suit. For hot weather, you need fabrics that are breathable and lightweight. Breathability is so important during hot weather suit to allow air to flow through the fabric which in turn prevents you from sweating. And of course we all know what a little sweat could do to a man’s clothing. The three best fabrics to look out for when buying a hot weather suit are linen, cotton or seersucker. I would have gone into the construction of each fabric type but never mind. May be in another post


  • Colour – Summer or not, I like colour. I personally think colour accentuate a man’s confidence. Typical summer colours are light grey, baby blue, Berry, Red, Khaki and even beige like the suit I have on in the photos.


  • Construction and lining – The way a suit is constructed is also another important aspect one should keep an eye out for when investing in a seasonal suit. For hot weather always go for half lined or unlined jackets. Unlined suit jackets are lightweight and breathable. Bemberg silk, rayon, polyester, and acetate are all materials used for lining. Also note that an unlined suit will loose it structure and shape very easily forming creases during it lifecycle.


Anyway forget the above blub, all I am trying to say is not to allow summer (hot weather) to dampened your impeccable debonair sense with sloppy attire. Basically just get yourself a lightweight and breathable suit with no lining and be mindful of the colour and you are good to go.


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Photography by Charles Augustus

Suit by SuitSupply

2 thoughts on “The ultimate summer suit”

  1. certainly great advice to surviving warm weather while looking sharp. I think fabric and lining and two things men don’t really think about when buying a suit, but it makes all the difference. Great post mate, love the images!

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