Cuts for Him + experimenting with white suit

As the title indicates, I have never before owned an all white suit or anything close. I have always been of the mind set that a white suit is hard work to maintain and purely seasonal. I can literally think of less than a handful of occasions where I can boldly wear one to.


A white suit is not the best investments for someone who does not have a wardrobe full of different coloured suits. So from a practical point of view, a white suit is not the “go to” option.

So the question now is, why bother getting one in the first place? Well, it is a statement piece. It is a bold choice for bold men who are not afraid to express themselves.


I have listed below a few categories on the “wheres” and “whys” of wearing a white suit


  1. Where to wear a white suit

An outdoor event or occasion is the best place to where a white suit. Cocktail parties, alfresco lunch/dinner and wedding reception are such occasion that come to mind. A white suit is not a business suit so please never wear one to the office.


  1. When to wear a white suit

Like I mentioned above, white suits are purely seasonal. Unless you live in a country where the temperature is above 25 degrees Celsius all year round and does not rain, then you have a little window of opportunity of during the summer months to wear one.


  1. What colour should you where with your white suit

White is not really classed as a colour per se so it may well serve as a palette on which almost all colours can be used. Just because you can does not mean you should. For example, when it comes to shirts, I personally wouldn’t go for warm colours. However, I have used a red pocket square in the photos to break the white a bit.

Tell me in the comment section below how you would style a white suit. Don’t forget to follow me on instagram for regular updates of fashion and lifestyle photos.





Suit – Top shot

Location – Buda, Budapest

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