The Green collection – Tom Ford’s holiday 2016 collection


I think it is fair to say that I haven’t been this excited about grooming and perfumes in a while. On Wednesday the 17th of August, I was invited to the Tom Ford beauty product launch for the Holiday 2016 collection which took place at the Arts club in London.


I casually popped in to see what was on offer with an attitude that says I have seen it all. I honestly thought I have seen it all as I had an amazing styling session a few weeks ago at Harrods.

Cross section of the visitors and staff
I confidently walk in with the aim of taking a couple of shots with my camera and then leave for another commitment I had after. Basically nothing prepared me for the amazing products I saw.


It was not so much the quantity of what I saw but the depth and quality that blew me away. The body moisturiser, beard oils, facial scrubs and many more. And oh, how can i forget the amazing scented candles? Yes, Tom Ford is now making scented candles. Boss moves if you ask me.

The lovely pianist
What was meant to last for ten minutes lasted for over an hour. The variety and range of product was mesmerising. I sat through another session of Private Blend collection like it was wine tasting (only ten times better).

The grooming corner!
The highest point of the afternoon was when I was introduced to an addition to the private blend collection called the green collection. Like all Tom Ford scents, the green collection is not constrained by the conventional way of making scents. The green collection which have a variety of four scents are different to anything Tom Ford has ever created but have the usual hallmarks of excellence. As the name implies, the green collection aims to inject freshness into the private blend collection.

The Green collection
Below are the four scents and their compositions.

Vert Boheme

Vert Boheme has notes of Sicilian mandarin and magnolia which in my view sways it more to the feminine side of the scale. When you buy a perfume with a note of flower that only bloom for one day a year, you know you are in for something special. The gustavia wood flower adds an extra element of sophistication.

Vert D’ences

The scent represents an interpretation of the coast of Corsica with notes of incense, pine resins fir balsam, heliotrope and wood.

Vert Des Bois

With Vert Des Bois, the details are in the name. Bois, French for wood is a hallmark for this sent. Other notes includes anise, plum, olive leaf, jasmine, green mastic, roasted tonka bean and patchouli.

Vert De Fleur

Vert De Fleur has deeper floral notes to it than the other ones. Galbanum and Vetiver are notes to take note of.

The green collection will be available from the 29th of August 2016 with Harrods having exclusivity to Vert De Fleur for the first six months.

Do you have any existing favourite Tom Ford scents? Please tell me in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “The Green collection – Tom Ford’s holiday 2016 collection”

  1. Boss moves, indeed! I absolutely LOVE Tobacco Oud. It’s my fave “perfume” of all time. I love smelling like fine scotch, leather and old libraries. LOL! Looks like it was a really interesting experience!

    1. Thank you Dom and sorry for the late reply. It was a great experience indeed. Tom Ford is breaking new ground with his perfumes.

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