The Biker Jacket – wear it like Beckham: Cuts for Him

I have been meaning to recreate this look for a while but never got round to doing it. As someone who loves the tailored look, I can see why it has not been high on my agenda. However, now that I have done it, I can’t stop asking myself why I didn’t do it early enough. I absolutely love the look.

Anyway before going any further, I would like to apologise for the break in writing articles on the blog. The site was down for a number of weeks for essential maintenance and a facelift. If you are no stranger to this site, you may have noticed many changes to reflect the mood and direction in which this platform will be moving from this point onwards. With your support over the past year and half, I felt it was time to expand my reach and creativity. Instead of just blogging as before, I am expanding into styling, photography and content creation (for other brands).

Blogging will still be an essential part but with your support, styling, photography and content creation will help make this platform a richer and better experience for everyone that visits it. I will do a separate post to elaborate on the changes and what to expect from now onwards. For now, I will like to say thank you for your patience and I am happy you are still part of this experience. For those of your who follow me on Instagram and twitter, you may not have missed me much as I made sure I updated those accounts regularly.

Without further ado, let me dive straight into describing this David Beckham inspired look. David Beckham graced the cover of GQ’s April issue with this look. I was actually surprised to learn that it was his first time to cover GQ seeing that he is such a big style icon. Just in case you haven’t noticed, the leather jacket is the reason for this look. It is the piece that holds the entire look together.

Unlike Mr Beckham who wore a $4,890 jacket made by Tom Ford, I opted for a much cheaper option from Topman with a price tag of £180 ($227). Unless you are as rich as David Beckham himself, this is a great bargain if you ask me.

The white shirt is from Kin by John Lewis, whilst the tie is by Diverso London. If my memory serves me right both items cost £30 and £40 respectively. The tie itself is great value for money as it is colour reversible.

The pair of jeans I have on is a bust up pair which should have gone into the bin long ago but I simply couldn’t let it go. It looks good from what you can see but trust me even the tailor at my local dry cleaner has had enough of patching it up. The trouble is that I haven’t been able to find a pair that fit so well since I bought this one from Gap 5 years ago. #firstworldproblems (side eye) lol.

The white trainers are from Suitsupply. These are my default/staple/go-to pair and I love them.

The location of this shoot was at the beautiful Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna. The weather was perfect with clear blue skies and a gentle winter sun bouncing off every tree, statue or building in sight.


Please tell me honestly in the comment section below your thoughts about this look. Do you think I pulled it off? How else would you style this jacket?

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    1. Yeah, its a great jacket to have. A good investment

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