Hello hello hello. I trust you are doing well and 2017 is off to a good start for all of you. Ok straight to the point. I started a new series called “Industry insiders” where I take the opportunity to chat with various people from the fashion industry. I will be talking to fashion designers, stylists, photographers, buyers, bloggers etc etc. I will be sharing these interviews weekly and this particular will last for five weeks.

To kick start this series, I sat down with business consultant Adam Ryan. Adam has experience in managing brands big and small with a huge success rate.

Anyway, below is the interview Cuts for Him’s Edmond had with Adam.

Edmond – Hello Adam

Adam – Hello

Edmond – So tell us about yourself

Adam – My name is Adam Ryan and I am a business consultant. I help a lot of brands kind of build their businesses from bottom to top. My background is events, I have done a lot of events. I started something 5 years ago called Essex fashion week. From that I kind of had the opportunities to work for a range of different businesses. But my passion tends to lye different businesses over the years including a jewellery brand called Tresor Paris as head of brand till 2014. And since then I have kind of had the opportunity to work as a consultant. I have had a lot of success over the years in kind of working with different people. Its all about collaborations. And hence why I am here with you today.

Edmond – Fantastic, fantastic. So you recently got engaged, tell us about that.  

Adam – Yeahhh so err (laughs with Edmond). So this is quite a colourful story.

Edmond – Ok

Adam – Last year, I actually went on a TV program called Take me out. I went on just for a bit of fun. And ended up meeting the love of my life. Whom I am actually marrying next April.

Edmond – Congratulations

Adam – Thank you so much. I’m actually at the stage where, coz obviously my background is events and organising. In terms of organising the wedding its fine, but the most important thing is find that suit. I am gonna need to come to you.

Edmond – Laughs out loud.

Adam – Obviously I am a fan, I am a follower and you know when I look at your key things that you put across on social media. You do a lot of things in terms of men’s style and look at the suit you have on today.

Edmond – Oh thank you.

Adam – So again the reason why I am here is because I love what you do and I am hoping you give me some advise on what to wear on my wedding day.

Edmond – Ah what can I say, you know what I mean. You can give me advise as well coz you are quite good yourself. Yeah.

So yeah, what is your take on style? Whats your, yeah whats your take on that?

Adam – For me, style, in particular my style is expressing yourself in a way where you want to represent yourself in a certain way. Coz obviously I do branding for business, so the way that I dress needs to represent me. And Its very important that you have your own sense of style. Yeah follow things that are on trend but have your one kind of take on it. So for example today, I am wearing stuff from the high street. My handkerchief I found from a vintage shop.

Edmond – Very nice

Adam – For me its not about how much things costs, as long as you can put it together nicely. And yeah I like tailoring. I like being very slim fit with a lot of stuff that I wear. I kind of need to dip my toe into more casual wear. Something I have been thinking about.

Edmond – Fair play, fair play

So, errm tell our viewers, what is the most important piece of garment that you have.

Adam – Yeah, wow

Edmond – Or what do you like most basically. Do you like, is blazer your thing. Pocket square? You know.

Adam – So I will use a twit someone sent me last year, so. Someone I know very well called CJ sax who is a musician. He twitted me during the festival period and he said I know today Adam Ryan will be wearing a three piece suit at a festival. Which isn’t seen.

But I tend to love my three piece suits. Suit is my kind of staple thing that I love. I am addicted


Edmond – Year I love suits too. I do

Yeah the next question is, erm, what do you think about Cuts for Him?

Adam – He is alright (both burst out laughing). No he is alright.

Yeah know what, we’ve been talking off camera obviously we meet last year (2015) at London Fashion Week

Adam – And I think whats beautiful about London fashion week is that you meet so many different people. People actually speak to one another, and we got off, we met each other in a really good way. We got a bit of an instant connection within the fashion. And we have been speaking off camera and you said you have been doing your blog and your social media for a year now I am shocked.

Edmond – (laughs with Adam)

Adam – I said to you didn’t I. I have been ten years in the game. So I think personally with you and what I love is constant content, its different to what you might see other bloggers doing. Its fresh, its innovative, you work with other people. You are not all about yourself. Which you know, not in a bad way but some bloggers tends to just be about them.

Edmond – Absolutely


Adam – And you have worked with some great businesses. And I know they are approaching you. And yeah I do look at it (Cuts for Him blog) every day, every other day to get some ideas.

Edmond – Thank you, I appreciate it

Adam – I really appreciate what you are doing for the fashion community

Edmond – Thank you mate.

Ok, so any last words for our viewers? I mean not last words but you know what I mean (both laughs out loud).

Adam – Yeah guys if you follow fashion and you want to get into blogging, check out my man’s stuff because he is fantastic. Just follow your dreams, follow your passion. And make sure that if you have an idea, you do it and not just talk about it.

Edmond – Thank you very much Adam.

Adam – Thank you

Edmond – See you around mate.

So yeah this is the interview Cuts for Him did with Adam Ryan. If you have any questions for myself or Adam Ryan, please leave them in the comment section below. Do not forget to subscribe for more of this in the coming weeks. Also head over to Cuts for Him’s YouTube channel to watch other videos. Thanks for reading.


Please note that this series was shot in November 2016.

Photography – Mista Skee

Videographer – I art Craft

Location – West thirty six

Post production video editing – Yaalia

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