In today’s episode I spoke to blogger and graphics designer Rashpal Amrit.

Here is how the interview went.

Edmond – Hello Rash, please tell our viewers a bit about yourself

Rash – So my name is Rash and I am a graphics designer slash, men’s wear blogger and I alos write for The Dapper Chapper.

Edmond – Very nice, very nice. Thanks for coming here today. Right errrm, my first question to you is, What is style to you, what does style mean to you?

Rash – Style to me is, I will say your personal expression. How you can express yourself. It is the first thing someone sees about you when you meet someone before you even talk to them, you kind of notice what their style is and how they put things together. It is also part of your personality as well. Everyone is very individual how they dress

Edmond – Yeah, yeah. I always say that your style is an extension of who you are and your personality coz you know, when you wear something, you want that to represent you. Just like what you were saying when someone meets you first, you know what you are wearing is what they see first even before you open your mouth. So you have to invest in that.

My second question is, what is your favourite piece of garment or accessory?

Rash – The thing that I always wear is a watch. I’ve got a lot of watches. I think errm, its kind of like, I think it’s the men’s staple in my opinion of what I kind of draw to whenever I need my outfit to be kind of look individual. So I would say that. I am also into lapel pins.

Edmond – Fantastic So what is it about a watch that makes it your favourite accessory.

Rash – I think there are so many different types of watches and time pieces errrm, especially the craft that goes into a lot of these kind of watches as well. And I think errm, it’s a nice way without being to extravagant to kind of show a touch of personality. You can always match your look to your watch I think. There is always a different variation to that.

Edmond – Ok fantastic. I see you are wearing a very nice jacket today, where is that from?

Rash – This is from Duchamp actually.

Edmond – Oh very nice, I really like it.

Can you just tell our viewers what you think about Cuts for Him and if there is something that you want Cuts for Him to do more of, what would that be. In terms of style and fashion, travelling, grooming, art and culture, and fitness. What would that be that you want Cuts for Him to do a lot more of.

Rash – Errrm what I’ve noticed or take away from Cuts for Him is the travel. I think errrm, that’s something that I would like to see a lot of men’s blogger but I think especially with Cuts for Him showing the last few travel posts have been the ones I have kind of being more interested in.

Edmond – Right, right. No pressure, phew (both laughs). I am going to have to travel out a lot more. Errrm ok, so any, any, I was gonna say any last words. But yeah any tips you want to leave for our viewers about style?

Rash – I would say always start with a key piece and then draw your outfit from that. For example if you have a blazer that’s got quite intricate patterns, the way its cuts, may be start with that and then base your outfit around that. Its always good to start with a key piece. That’s how I personally put my outfits together.

Edmond – Fantastic. Thank you very much for coming. It’s a pleasure having you here.

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Photography by Mista Skee

Location – West Thirty Six

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  1. Loved this read! Style is definitely what you express about yourself

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