Scalpers – New menswear player in town

So basically I had the pleasure of attending the first annual no resolution party by Scalpers at their Carnaby street flagship store last week. As a blogger, I regularly get invites to launch parties so much so that I almost overlooked this one.

The truth is when I read the email from the PR representing them, my first reaction was “not another one again”. I immediately reached for my diary to see how that week was looking like for me. I was hoping the date on the invite was taken up in my diary so I do not have to bother with the details of the invite lol. I was free up until 6:30 pm that day and the launch party for Scalpers was meant to start at 5:30. Can you now see the dilemma? Anyway, long stray shot, I ended going to the launch party, reluctantly.

Walking into Scalpers shop around 5:30 left me pleasantly surprised at the new player in town. This brand is right up my street in terms of style. As someone with an eye for details, I straight away went to check out the ties, pocket squares and belts. I was indeed pleased with what I saw.

Scalpers’ is a Spanish brand originating from Seville. The brand offers ready-to-wear menswear, accessories, footwear and tailoring. I’ll say that again, TAILORING. just in case you missed that bit lol. What makes this brand interesting is that fact that it has a preppy influence. It sits nicely in the smart casual category.

I reluctantly left the party 30 minutes after arriving wishing I had more time to explore the this beautiful brand.

This won’t be the last time you read about Scalpers on this platform. Watch this space.

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