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So the team and I created this styling piece a few months ago. If i am honest, this video is one of my favourite for many reasons. However, I found myself holding back from sharing it with you some strange reason. I kind of felt like I needed to add something to the video not because it lacks something but to enhance what it is truly about.

The funny thing is that I couldn’t put put my finger on what I needed to add. It was only a few weeks ago that it donned on me that I should add a voiceover to the video. Yes thats it, a voiceover would enhance what I am trying to relay in the video. The only trouble now is that I have never done a voiceover before and this kind of petrified me. My fear was that it may not sound organic enough given that the video was created months ago and I am only now adding a voice to it.  With a bit of encouragement from people around, I thought to myself I don’t need to be a Morgan Freeman or even a Sir David Attenborough to do this lol. So here is my first take on voiceovers.

Right, back to the concept of this look. The idea for this look as you would have already guessed was NOT to play safe. It is to show a confident man who is in touch with his identity as a dapper gentleman and love for his city, London.

To accessories the plaid suit, I opted for a navy knit tie and a white with navy hemmed pocket square.  With patterns as bold as ones on the suit, it is important to pay attention to any other colours being introduced in the form of accessories. Whilst the suit might seem to be a bit on the edgy side, there are only two colours (navy and white) at play here when it comes to the first layer of the look. As if the plaid suit is not a statement enough, I opted for a vibrant mustard coloured coat to finish off the look. This works because of two reasons:

  1. Navy and mustard are almost on opposite sides of the colour wheel creating a beautiful contrast.
  2. Whilst the suit is patterned, the coat is plain  i.e. single colour with no visible details. Any visible patterns on the coat would have made it to busy for my liking.

My choice of shoes for this look is dark brown. A black pair of oxfords would have probably worked but in all honesty, black is not my favourite colour when it comes to shoes. For the past few years, I have only worn black shoes for black tie events or indeed for the office. Dark brown and burgundy have been my go-to options.

So there you have it, my spring inspired look.

Oh and to finish off this article, let me share with you the words to voiceover I did for the video. My voice may have been dodgy in places (side eye) during the voiceover so here is your chance to read what I was saying lol.

They say you only get one chance at making a first impression… That first impressions lasts the longest

As a modern man, I believe in making a first impression every time I walk into a room! 

Back in the day, they used to say that a gentleman never talks about his tailor

In today’s world, I believe your style does the talking for you instead, because ……. being a gentleman never goes out of fashion….. 

Redefining fashion and style ethics for the fashion conscious man of today, is what I’m about….and it starts with me! 

– They say “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step…”

– I say, begin the journey with the first step firmly in the right direction and eliminate half of those miles

There are lots of beautiful cities all over the world….. but London is my city and it is stunning, full of style inspiration everywhere I look. 

There’s nowhere else like it

My London, My City – Cuts for Him”

Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Would you have styled that suit or indeed the coat differently?

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Special thanks to The colonnade Hotel London for allow us to shoot at their premises. Appreciate it.

The look – Suit – Suit Supply | Coat – Suit Supply | Shoes – Banana Republic | Tie and pocket square – Suit Supply

Credits | Stylist – Cuts for Him | Director – Chidube Ogbeleje | Model – Edmond Kamara | Photography – Mista Skee |  Art director – Edmond Kamara | DOP – Chidube Ogbeleje | Drone operator – Anand Dave | Post Production – I Art Craft | Words – Gayle Thompson

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  1. Very nice video, I like the way its filmed 🙂 Perfect introduction to your blog 🙂

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