The Weeknd and H&M’s spring collection

I was walking past one of H&M’s Oxford street shops a few weeks ago when I first saw the imprint XO on a hoodie. I had to do two takes at the window for what I saw to sink in.

The minute I realise it was a collaboration between the Swedish fashion powerhouse and the Canadian born music artist The Weeknd, I got excited. I just knew whatever they produce together was going to be good.

I later found out that The Weeknd hand selected a range, as well as pieces created alongside his XO imprint. He said in a press release “I had a great time selecting my Spring Icons at H&M. I love the mix of urban pieces like bombers and hoodies with tailored shirts and blazers”.

Needless to say that I return to H&M store a few days later to properly check out the collection. The collection itself was beautiful and liked every piece. The only issue was that it wasn’t quite my style. It was times like these I wished I had developed an urban wear taste. Nonetheless, one thing for sure was that the beige XO bomber jacket was coming home with me. There was no way I was going to walk out of H&M without that jacket.

To style the bomber jacket, I went for a plain white shirt, navy cropped trouser, and my favourite all white trainers. I also had the option of wearing my navy and beige coloured loafers with this look as you can see in one of the photos.

This look is slightly out of my style but I absolutely love it. Let me know what you think of how I styled this bomber jacket.

Jacket – H&M | Shirt – Zara | Trouser – H&M | Trainers – Suit Supply | Photos – Yaalia Fashion Sense

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