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I kid you not when I say that London Fashion Week Men’s was not on the list of events I wanted to attend this summer. Having hosted Cuts for Him’s first Fashion Industry Insiders Event a couple of weeks before, I was on the road to recuperating and getting some much needed rest. As you can imagine, Hosting a event which caters for about 200 people was hard work to say the least. So I was perfectly ok with me missing LFWM SS18 and any other event happening around that time.


That was the plan until I spoke to a couple of friends from the blogging world who really and truly got me back into the swing of all things LFWM. All they had to do was mention the Mr Porter Summer Social and I was in. I mean completely in. The truth is that because I had barred myself from all events relating to LFWM, I had completely forgotten about one of my favourite events in the summer calendar, Mr Porter.


The Mr Porter is one event that I whole heartedly look forward to since I was first invited to it. Mr Porter usually invites the “who is who” in the blogging and influencer arena. This summer’s Mr Porter was inspired by a seaside theme with blown up black and white beach balls in and around the pool area. Everything about the event and how it is organised is perfect.

These mini burgers were amazing

The food is always so tasty and yummy. I find myself constantly looking towards the kitchen entrance upon arrival until that first tray of canapé arrives. The drinks are to die for with a good range of cocktails.


The friendliness of the staff is next-to-none every summer. From the person who greets you at the door to the waiting staff, one can feel the love and attention to detail from every member of the team. An absolute pleasure to talk to them.

The Garrett Leigh California crew

The goody bags. Honestly, the goody bag is probably my second biggest reason for always going to the Mr Porter show. I mean the range of things in that goody bag are incredible. Everything in it is practical and useful. There are a very few goody bags out there in the fashion industry that can rival that of Mr Porter’s.

Larry (The new collections) and Rashpal Amrit (Style and Stylus)

The networking opportunity has always been my biggest pull towards the event. You are absolutely guaranteed to meet and network with various people within the fashion industry at this event. I have had the pleasure of meeting some brilliant minds during these events.

Shinola artist personalising my note pad

This year, I personally think Mr Porter has raised the bar with the brands they worked with. The brands at the summer social includes:

The Mr Porter summer social was a great way to wrap up the LFWM SS18 season. I can’t wait for next year.

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