Sun is out, shorts out | African wax print style

Shorts are essential during the hotter period of the year. I personally think every guy needs to invest in at least a couple of shorts whether it is to take with you on that beach holiday or just to wear over the weekend. I mean who wants to be stuck in a pair of thick jeans eh during the summer anyway?

Short: my mum | Trainers – Suitsupply | T Shirt – Zara | Glasses – Garett Leight | Watch – Timex

Thanks to my mum, my collection of shorts has grown by one. I am particularly happy with the new addition as it is West African wax print cotton. My mother gifted these pair of trouser to me three years ago and they were long trouser.

I absolutely love the green and brown colours of the prints but was not keen on the fact that they were long. The print seem just a tad bit too much as a long pair hence the decision to cut them into shorts.

On my most recent holiday to Tel Aviv, I borrowed a pair of scissors and cut them into shorts so I can wear them to the beach. Because I did not have a needle and thread, I folded the bottom into a neat turn-up as with most of my shorts.

All I had to do was to pair them with a white T-shirt and a pair of white trainers. I tucked in the white T to give is a smarter and neat look.

There you have it, my summer shorts sorted. Tell me what you think in the comment section below. Do you have a pair of wax cotton print and how do you style them?

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