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I have just walked into my flat not so long ago from an event a friend of mine hosted called Beam Talks and was browsing the next for Fashion Week inspirations when I stumbled upon a photo of me. More accurately, a photo of myself and a friend of mine during London Fashion Week Men’s SS18.

Heading to LFWM SS18 – Photo by David Nyanzi

I chuckled the minute I saw the photo as it was a bit wired seeing yourself on other people’s publications and you have no idea how your photo  got there in the first place. It kind of brought back good memories of SS18 when myself and a few friends decided to check out the event.

In all honesty, I was reluctant to go for many reasons, two of which are:

  1. Terrorism and its security implications was on every Londoner’s lips. The last terror attack in London had just happened few days before the event was meant to start. I was so not in the mood to dress up to go to any event
  2. Well the second reason was the fact that in my eyes, the event was starting to loose it buzz. Kind of felt like I was seeing the same people every season which in itself was not a bad thing, but it just felt a bit samey

But anyway I went and I was happy I did. Apart from the fact that I got to network and make new acquaintance that I could potentially do business with, I got featured in more magazines than any other season. I am still chuffed for all the features in all these magazines and newspapers.

I have already shared some of the features on my instagram page but thought I put them all together here.

Here are some of the mags and newspapers where I got featured

Vogue : The best street style from the London Spring’ 18 Menswear show

GQ France:  The best and worst dressed men of London Fashion Week 

The New York Times: Street Style: London Fashion Week Men’s

Fashion Beans: Street Style gallery: London Fashion Week Men’s SS18

Global Blue: Top street style at London Fashion Week Men’s SS18

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