Gentleman’s Day of the Moet & Chandon July Festival at The Adnams July Course in Newmarket

I don’t know how much you know about the The Moet & Chandon July Festival or indeed specifically the gentlemen’s day (if at all) but you need head over right now and visit their website to see how cool this event is. Ok ok not so fast, just hold on one moment before you leave my page for theirs. Please allow me to give you a quick foretaste gents.

Newmarket is a town in the English county of Suffolk with a rich history of horse racing. In fact Newmarket is know as the birthplace of horse racing. Horse racing in this county has a 350 years of undiluted history with the largest racehorse centre in Britain. I am sure you know where I am going with this.

For those of you who like fast cars and classic ones, you are in for a real treat. A selection of high quality classic British marques are on display in the extended Grandstand and Paddock Enclosure right next to the track.

So now that I have your attention, let me tell you a little bit about the gentlemen’s day. The Gentlemen’s day in my very biased opinion is the most exciting in its summer calendar of activities. It is a day where gents of all ages dress up to the nines to enjoy racing and many other activities.

This event is a perfect opportunity for all your fashionistas out there who are keen to show off your styling skills. Fellas are invited to take part in The Style Awards for a chance to be crowned the best dressed gentleman of the show.

Having said that, here are a few basic tips for dressing up for this event or any other horse racing event for that matter. A good place to start is to pay attention to the name  “Gentlemen’s day”. As the name imply, think about how a gent should be dressed like. What sort of garments and accessories make up a gent’s look.


Hats are a good starting point. In my view, they are not a must but they go a long way to enhance your look. Had it been 70 or so years ago then a gent wouldn’t even leave his home without one.


A suit is a must for such an event. Anything other than a suit then will make you look like you are out of place. Mind you, you do not have to wear a full suit. You can break up a couple of suits to form one by miss matching them. Miss matching is my personal favourite as I like to push boundaries. Have a look at a piece I did recently on breaking up your suit.


Whether it is a bow tie or a regular tie or even a cravat, you have to have one. A gentle man should always have something around his neck in the form of a tie or bow to hold his shirt collar together or an inside cravat to cover up the skin around the neck area.

Pocket square

If you are like me, then a pocket square is a must. However, some prefer to go without one.

Dress shoes

Dress shoes are essential for this look. Oxfords, brogues or monk straps are perfect. If you opt for a look that is leaning towards a more casual feel, then smart looking loafers should be fine.

So gents, this is an event you need to add into your summer schedule if you haven’t already done so. Its a real spectacle.

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