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So you know how sometimes I do super short blog articles? Well this post is going to be one of them.

I just want to share with you shots of how I styled my favourite shirt right now. Some time last year, I had the pleasure of working with Labrum London on his AW16 collection. Since then, I have been meaning to show off this shirt but wanted to wait until summer this year.

In all honesty, I have only worn this shirt like 4 times since I got it and kid you not that I always get some one walk up to me to say how much they like it. It also got great feedback when I first posted photos of the shirt on instagram. Everyone seem to love this shirt and I can see why. The reason why I have only worn it a few times is to preserve it. Like just wear it once in a while kind of thing.

Anyway I promised to make this post short so I better get on with describing the look and shut up lol.

This Kaftan shirt (as it is called) is made out of 100 percent cotton and has a distinct round collar. Its digital prints were inspired by 1960s eyesight colour test.

Because of its long length, there was no way I could pull it off as smart casual attire. For this reason, I paired it with a pair of cropped bottom H&M navy trouser. Because I wanted an all out casual look, I went for a pair of white leather converse all stars.

The icing on this look for me was the polka dot green pocket square. If you are someone who have been following my blog for a while then you would know that I try to add pocket square on most of my looks. I just love them. So the pocket square in my shirt pocket added an extra layer of quirkiness to the look.

What do you think about the look? Would you have styled the shirt differently?

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Photography – Charles Nas | Location – Paddington, London

4 thoughts on “Shirt of the season | Labrum + Cuts for Him”

    1. Lol I suspect you might have to borrow mine as they don’t do the female version.

    1. Hey mate. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah the pocket square on a shirt only look is a very individual one. Its a personal style choice of mine and quite honestly, I haven’t seen anyone do it before.
      However, I reckon it adds character to the wearer especially with the right kind of shirt. If you going to try this, try to stay away from formal or a typical work shirt. An oxford would be a good start

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