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Living in England, its not very common to see men wearing colourful suits. In fact you will never see any man within the square mile of the financial district wearing anything apart from navy, black or grey.

In as much as I kind of see why bankers and people working within the square mile or canary wharf might opt for subtle colours, I kind of wish the rest of mankind would just be a bit more bold with colours.

If I am honest, I kind of empathise for those of you who have never tried bright colours before especially with suits. I mean why stick out when you can just blend in right? Wrong my friends. Blending in never gets you noticed and it certainly does not bring out the individuality in you. In as much as you might be petrified to experiment with colours, it gets better with every wear. Sooner or later wearing bold colours would be second nature.

Take for example this emerald green suit I am wearing. I walked into Reiss flagship store near Selfridges sometime last year and fell in love with. There were many beautiful suits on the shop floor that day but my eyes were fixed on this one. The minute I saw it, I knew exactly how I wanted to wear.

So guess what? I bought it and took it on one of my holidays to shoot with it. What better place to do so than Vienna eh. The architecture is just out of this world. Vienna is so clean and fresh looking. Anyway I better not get carried away about Vienna. I promise I will do a separate travel post on Vienna soon.

To make this suit stand out more and put my stamp on it, I chose accessories that are on the opposite side of the colour spectrum. I went to orange and white polka dot pocket square and brown and orange patterned tie. Note that all the colours I have on are muted colours. Nothing that compete with the other.

For my choice of shoes, I went for my trusted patented double monk strap poste. Honestly these shoes have never failed me every time I wear them.

There you have it. I strongly encourage you to add some colour into your wardrobe by investing into at least one colourful suit. If money is not an issue, a good brand for colourful suits would be Ozwald Boteng. Otherwise, Reiss and Suit Supply do great suits with varying colours for good prices.

Please tell me in the comment section below how you would style this suit.

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Suit – Reiss | Tie – Suit Supply | Shoes – Poste | Watch – Timex | Photographer – Yaalia Fashion Sense 

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