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I trust you’ve all had a great weekend. The weather was at least consistent on this side of the world. I had a great weekend as I went to Salisbury, southern England,  for a couple of day. I visited a friend who just moved there and he lives in the most remote part of Salisbury that I had no mobile phone network during my stay lol. It was kind of refreshing as for once, I had to just forget about my phone and enjoy nature. It was very peaceful and calm and I loved every bit of it.

Anyway enough of me trying to make you jealous about my weekend lol. I have been meaning to tell you all about this cool cocktail bar in central London called Artesian. I first heard of  the Artesian a couple of months ago through a friend. Even though I was told good things about it, I wanted to check it out myself. So of course, I went for a visit to see what the vibe was like.

Upon arrival, I was greeted and shown to my table by one of the waitresses called Alicia. Alicia oblige to explain the inspiration behind the cocktails as I unashamedly admitted that I had never before seen some of the cocktails on the list.

Basically, the cocktails have a unique story which I find quite fascinating.

The first cocktail I ordered was a cocoon. The cocoon got it concept from the idea that most people feel happy when they see a butterfly. As we all know, butterflies are beautiful and majestic animals. For this reason, the cocoon is served in a beautifully made case with a see through glass from the top. The glass also has live animation showing butterflies flying about gracefully. You have to see it for you to appreciate what I am talking about.

The Cocoon cocktail

As I was feeling peckish, I ordered some calamari and some fries. Eva, one of the waitress was there to make sure I received my drink and food in a timely manner.  I can tell you now that those Calamari are one of the best I have tasted in a while.

After knocking back my Cocoon cocktail and munching my calamari and fries, I ordered my last cocktail for the evening which was the Forged by flames. Forged by flame contains some Martell Cordon Blue, Quinquina, chinato, verjus, grape blossom, and bitters. The beauty of this cocktail is not only in drinking it, but also in watching how it is beautifully crafted. I was amazed at the precision and attention to detail Chris the bar tender made my drink. Fascinating stuff.

So all in all, the service was excellent, cocktails were beautiful, the food yummy, and the location couldn’t have been better. Its literally two minute’s walk from the famous Oxford circus station. The only thing I would draw your attention to is the prices on those cocktails. They are slightly on the pricier side so be ready to pay more than you would for a regular cocktail.

Oh and the only reason I only had two cocktails is because I will be going back from time to time to discover cocktails I have not tried before. I have to keep the excitement going you see lol.

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