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When it comes blogging, there are very few things that come close to giving me a buzz like working with other bloggers. I always get super excited at the prospect of working along side people with the same passion and interest as myself. I looking forward to the challenge of having to step up my game sartorially. I also look forward to learning a thing or two from others.

So when fashion and lifestyle blogger Barbara from Out of Barbara’s Box approached me to do a shoot, I was all over it like a cheap suit lol. Yes I truly was. As one of the leading female fashion bloggers in London, I think Barbara’s work inspires a lot of people to up their blogging game. But you know what, don’t take my word for it, head over to her page here or even follow her on instagram.

A few days before the shoot, I asked to meet with Barbara so we can talk about the concept. Before every shoot, I always try to visualise the concept to enable me to execute as best of possible on the day. So it was important for me to have a quick sit-down with Barbara.

Barbara simply said to me “Edmond, I have this lovely dress that I want to shoot in and I would love to shoot with a gent to complement the style. You came to mind as I know you will bring your A game”. I was truly chuffed to bits to receive such complements from a fellow blogger.

After seeing the dress from a picture Barbara showed me, I immediately decided that my look was going to be a classic one. No experimenting with bits and bobs, just a good old classic look.

As a result, here was my thought process:

Barbara had an elegant black and burgundy dress which I think leans more to an evening dress. To complement the style, my main piece (suit) had to be of dark colour. At this point, navy was the only option for me as any other colour wouldn’t have come close to complementing Barbara’s look. Anything lighter in colour would have missed the mark by a mile. The only time I would have considered a black suit was if we were going to a ball or formal dinner and it would have had to be a tuxedo with a bow to go with it. But this was not the case and that would have been way too formal too.

As you can see, my suit is pinstripe. I deliberately went for pinstripe as I wanted the suit to have more character than just a plain navy suit. I also made sure that the pinstripes were quite subtle. To enhance my personal style, I made sure the suit was double breasted. Over half my suits are double breasted which goes to show how much I love them. To me a well fitted double breasted suit carries an extra layer of charisma over any single breasted suit.

As you can see from the look, I opted for a dotted burgundy tie and a patterned pocket square which matches Barbara’s dress. The  fact that the tie and the pocket square were burgundy instantly connects myself and Barbara’s look together.

You may also notice that the suit, the tie and the pocket square all have different patterns. This is perfectly fine as the patterns are subtle enough and made room for the others. For my choice of shoes, I went for my favourite shoes which were burgundy in colour.

So yeah this is how I managed to complement Barbara’s look without trying too hard.

Our incredible photographer on the day was JJ who’s work you can see here.

So what do you think about my look? Would you have dressed differently? leave any question regarding my look in the comment section below.

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Suit – Reiss | Tie – Reiss | Pocket square – Vintage shop | Shirt – T M Lewin | Shoes – Poste | Sunglasses – Garrett Leight | Location – University of Greenwich, Cutty Sark campus

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