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Hello everyone. Let me first of all apologise for going mia for about a week or so. I have been incredibly busy working behind the scenes to bring you great content. As a creative, I like to be involved in every aspect of producing everything you see on here and producing content for other brands. One day I will show you guys just how much work goes on behind the scenes. But first, allow me the pleasure of telling you about my most practical find in recent years when it comes to gadget and accessories, Ice watch.

Ice watch as you may already know is a huge brand that prides itself in creating colourful time pieces. They make beautiful watches for the entire family which is rare to see in the watch industry.

As you may know, I love watches. A watch is an accessory every man needs to have for practicality and style purposes. Unfortunately, not every watch or indeed watchmaker fulfils both these criteria effortlessly. With my personal experience, it has been near impossible to find that one piece that cuts across beautifully until I discovered the BMW motorsports steel by Ice Watch.

BMW Motorsports steel is the perfect fit for someone like me who do not only spends a lot of time out in the field capturing images, but also spend lots of time styling, directing shoots and many other hands-on creative stuff.

This black BMW motorsports steel watch has a strap made of leather on the insider and synthetic on the outside. I absolutely love this as the leather provides that soft and smooth sensation to my skin whilst the synthetic provides robustness to the elements on the outside. It waterproof capabilities is another trait of just how useful this watch is in the field.

It is aseptically very pleasing with an all-black interface. The black interface is also practical as it does not show stains or scuffs which is perfect for what I do. It blue and red dial literally brings the entire watch to life with its colourful chronograph and hands standing out against a black background. This to me is stylish and luxurious.

So yeah, problem solved when it comes to combining practicality and style as far as watches are concerned. You bet I will be wearing my BMW Motorsport a lot when I am out and about.

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This post was sponsored by Ice Watch | Location of shoot – Portobello Road

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