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I don’t know about you but this year seem to have whizzed by so fast. I mean, it feels like just the other day I was looking forward to summer but now it is all but gone. It seems like we are knee deep in autumn which I must say I love for its vibrant colours. Autumn is one season of the year that truly gives us a spectacle especially around parks and woods in and around London.

I can honestly say I have not had time to properly enjoy summer in London. My summer has been all about traveling to different countries and or working with brands to develop content for them. Kind of feel exhausting but in a good way lol. I don’t know how that is possible but yeah it was good to be busy and productive.

Because I have been so busy, it was a welcomed relief to finally force myself to disconnect from work for some rest.  Seeing that my primary pre and post-production workspace is home, I needed to get as far away from it as possible if I were  to get any semblance of rest at all. So I decided to spend a couple of days at The Langham. I will straight up tell you now that, that was the best decision I made in months. Ok if I am totally honest, I couldn’t completely switch off to rest as I had a few emails to send to business clients which were harmless, or so I thought. But apart from that, I had a good rest.

So I checked into the Langham to very warm smiles at the reception desk. You know how they say, first impressions go a long way? yep, that came to mind. I am always keen on first impressions as they are usually true of a person or situation. It was not my first visit to the Langham but it was the first time for me to stay over. The staff at the front desk were helpful and polite as I was checked in and directed to my room.

The bed felt so good when I literally dived into it. With my face rubbing against the delicate cotton with the smell of clean sheets… I could go on and on describing the feeling lol. But anyway, I will do you or the Langham justice if I carry on like this. So I have summarized my time there in 5 categories as below.

Service and Facilities

Customer service at the Langham is as good as it gets. From the minute I stepped out of my Uber to speaking to room service over the phone to order my breakfast in bed, the service was exceptional. There is nothing like good old British customer service. loved every bit of it.

Apart from the hotel having great restaurants (which I will talk about below), it has a Chinese day spa which offers hot stone treatments, massages, and facials, with a Himalayan rock salt sauna, steam rooms, a hydro-massage tub. There is also a small swimming pool. Not bad for a central London hotel eh.

Food and Drink

When it comes to dining, the Langham has a good variety to keep you in-house. The Raux at the Landau provides elegance and style with the famous Michel Roux Jr and his father Albert working together to give fine dining a new meaning. Set lunch starts at £35 and dinner at £65 for a five-course meal. Palm Court is famed as the place where the tradition of afternoon tea was born over 150 years ago. The Wigmore and Artesian bar provides a more relaxed environment a great menu and drinks and cocktail list to be envied by bars far and near.


Built in 1865, the Langham is one of London’s earliest great hotels. It was one of the hotels which catered for people coming into London via rail. Even though some of the original features have been replaced over time, the hotel still holds a lot of character from its past. Langham place where the hotel is located is associated or attributed to a well know architect called John Nash. As you enter the main entrance through the spinning doors, you are greeted by huge white with black finished pillars revealing just how grand the hotel is. On both sides of the top of the staircase as you walk towards the main lobby are flower vases injecting more vibrancy into that space.


The room I stayed in was a well lit spacious room with a double bed, a bar, two bedside lamps and a desk I ended up using to make a few sketches for my next shoot. I know I said it was rest time but I had to put down these ideas as they come to me lol. The room has a spacious marble tiled bathroom with everything you can expect from a 5-star hotel and more. The room is a combination of classic luxury and contemporary style which suited me perfectly. All rooms have a minimum stay of two nights with prices varying depending on date of booking.


The Langham couldn’t have been at a better location if you are into fashionable clothes shopping, entertainment, and restaurants and bars. The hotel is perfectly located at the top of Regent street (a shopping street) which cuts across Oxford street (another famous shopping street) giving you endless options for fashion shopping. Just down the road is Soho’s nightlife. Marylebone village is literally 15 minutes walk for boutique style shops and cafes nicely tucked away from the busy Oxford street.

It has great transport networks literally at its doorstep with the famous Oxford circus station less than 5 minutes walk away.

The Langham is one of the largest and best know traditional styled grand hotels in London found in the district of Marylebone. Amongst it neighbors are the BBC broadcasting house which is literally across the road from it.

It is said to have been patronized by the likes of Napoleon 111, Oscar Wilde, and Antonin Dvorak. In more recent times, it was visited by dignitaries suit as Diana, Princess of Wales, Winston Churchill, Haile Selassie and Charles de Guelle. So much history and call I tell you.

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and hope you check it out even if it’s just to have the amazing cocktails at the Artesian.

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    1. It was a blast. And yes we all have to treat ourselves from time to time lol

  1. Sounds like a wonderful stay! Definitely going to have to check it out the next time I’m in London!

  2. This looks like soooo much fun… glad you enjoyed yourself x

    1. It was fun Gayle and I had an amazing time 🙂

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