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Ok so this post came a little bit later than planned. The idea was to share it last weekend but as they say, even the best plans do come undone from time to time lol.

This is meant to be a quick post about dressing down whilst staying stylish. As you may already know, suits are my thing. I would wear a suit in my sleep if it were practical lol. However, there is nothing worse than going to an event or a hangout and feeling overdressed. In my opinion, its even worst than being underdressed. Make you feel like a right idiot seeking attention. At least for weddings, formal dinners and other similar occasions, you know you have to dress to the nines. And of course, if you are only hanging out with your boys over a pint down the local bar then by all means roll up with your PJs. Actually, please don’t. You might look like you need help and at best, your mates might use it to laugh at you but you get the point I am trying to make.

So anyway as stated above, the point of this post is to create a simple  but effective look that transcends many non formal occasions using key pieces you already have in your wardrobe.

To demonstrate this, Cuts for Him collaborated with Ivar London to show a real masculine look and feel. Ivar is redefining home living with a new design vernacular for today’s modern man. Their innovative and contemporary designs are masculine, individual and refined. Absolutely love their designs with special emphasis on lines and shapes.


The look

Jacket: The Jacket in this case is the main or “statement” piece. Everything else evolves around it. In as much as it is not out there in terms of colour, its cut, texture and patterns holds enough character to be a standout piece. As I have said several times before on the blog, every man should invest in a couple of versatile and decent jackets. This this could be one of them.

Jeans: A pair of fitted blue jeans is as classic as it gets when it comes to casual pieces. If you haven’t got at least three good ones then you might be my grandad’s age lol. Fitted jeans are a must for every man.

Shirt: For this look, I opted for a denim shirt. The denim shirt with its casual nature finely balances the jacket that ebbs more towards formal. It screams of being that one piece that is casual but can hold it own underneath a jacket. To make this one look a bit edgier, I buttoned it up all the way to simulate smartness.

Sneakers/Trainers: In my books, a pair of smart looking sneakers can do no wrong. I have paired them with a full suit and tie several times in the past and I have loved the looks created. They go well with fitted jeans, chinos, and dress trouser. If you choose to pair them with trouser then be sure the rest of your outfit fits into what you are trying to achieve.

Pocket square: Pocket squares are a must for me in almost all looks. There is something about having a pocket square that makes me feel reassured. Kind of balances my look and breaks up the top half of me nicely. In the past, I have used pocket squares on shirts and t shirts. Yeah thats how much I love them. For this look, I when with a navy with white pattern pocket square. It goes will with my jeans and denim shirt.


So there you have it. Your smart casual outfit that holds it own for most occasions and is king of the weekend.

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Photos – Viix Studios | Jacket – Massimu Dutti | Denim shirt – Zaraman | Jeans – Uniqlo | Sneakers – Suit Supply | Pocket square – Vintage shop (Greenwich)

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