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Ok I know every one of you know that coats are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe during the winter season. When it comes to layering, it does not get better than a good ol coat. I mean it’s not rocket science to see the need to invest in one or in my case, seven overcoats. You just need to step outside on a typical winter’s day to find out why they are Apart from the practical purpose of keeping you warm coats also play an important role where style is concerned. One thing I always say is that if you going to wear one, you might as well style it out and make it work for you sartorially.

There are three main ways to rock a coat. The first is to simply hang it over your shoulder and carry it with style. Carrying your coat over your shoulder is stylish but does not do much in terms of its practical purpose. Well unless you are hot and then decides to

The second and most common way is to fully wear it as intended. This does not only serve a style purpose, it is the most practical way of rocking a coat. You can either button it up or leave it unbuttoned but I will let the weather and your style taste dictate what you do.

The third option is to drape it over your shoulders as if you are wearing a cape. sartorially, this is possibly the most pleasing to the eye in my view. It gives your look an extra element of elegance and flair.

Anyway, a blogger friend of mine Anton (Maketh the Man) and I got together to shoot coats to kick off the season. As you can see from the photos we both went for the smart look with suits, ties and dress shoes.

Anton’s look

Coat: Hammond & Co by Patrick Grant

Suit: Skinny blue checked by Dobell

Shoes: Dark tan monk straps by Ted Baker

Tie: Custom print for Anton

Cuts for Him’s look

Coat: Camel double breasted by Reiss

Suit: Navy peak lapel by Suit Supply

Shoes: Dark brown lace ups by Paul smith

Tie: Dark brown knit by Zara

Let me know your thoughts on these looks. Would also be interested to see if you would have styled these coats differently.

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Photography by Style and Stylus

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