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Ok fellas, I have to admit that I dropped the ball a bit on here when it comes to grooming. I guess its a man thing, we love to groom ourselves but do not talk about it half as much as we should. It’s like trying to look good physically but don’t want to admit the number of times you visit the gym to get those chiseled abs lol.

Well, guess what? That’s about to change around here. You will be seeing a lot more grooming articles with a comprehensive review of products I use.

I am absolutely excited to reignite the grooming game with a brand I have known for a number of years now. It’s fairly new in the UK but has strong roots in the US. The name itself will give you a clue about its origin. Hommage is a grooming at it finest. From what I personally know, Hommage is designed specifically for men who want to take their grooming game to the next level. For men who take pride in looking and feeling good.

From it £30 ShaveCare monthly plan to its premium Silver label replenishment package, Hommage has a varying subscription model for all those who see value in investing a little extra to look after themselves.

To demonstrate that they mean business, Hommage source their razors from the finest surgical steel manufacturer in the world Feather Japan. Their ergonomically designed and engineered grooming equipment is from the German company Wolfgang Joensonn. They even have a signature scent which is a blend of tobacco, sandalwood and amber all sources from different countries. I guess by now you would understand that Hommage is a brand inspired by cultures from different countries to set up a global presence.

My personal experience with Hommage’s ShaveCare has been good. The design of the Manhattan razor means that it fits perfectly in my hand giving me complete control of movement and motion whether shaving off huge bodies of hair off my neck area or trimming off delicate areas of my face to give my sideburns a sharp look.

If their motto “Setting the standard for luxury men’s grooming” is anything to go by then Hommage is where it’s at.

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