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So over the summer, I was able to secure what I used to call a notepad. In fact, I am absolutely sure everyone else including the brand manufacturers (Eddie Handmade) calls it a notepad. And you must be saying to yourself why would I call it anything else, right?

First of all, it is important to recognize the impact this rather “minor” accessory has made in my creative life. As a content creator, I always document in the form writing or other means the process of capturing images both still and videos before implementation. Imagine sitting up at night writing down steps and processes for a shoot the next day so you can go out there and just execute flawlessly. It’s a beautiful feeling when I am able to execute dues to planning especially when managing clients expectations combined with other creatives such as photographers, stylists, makeup artists etc.

However, I have always struggled with documenting this process itself.  Writing on pieces of paper or pads with a finite number of pages is such a big turnoff. The minute the cover of that pad falloff you can guarantee I never want to see it again. And of course, this means all my work on it is lost. Now stick with me for a little longer as I transition into where I am taking this. The average pad is very limited in what I do.

I do not exaggerate when I say that Eddie Handmade has single-handedly revolutionized the way I work by creating what I now called a lifestyle partner. They created the perfect tool for me to run around without having to worry about damage or scratches at all.

The Eddie handmade notepad has durable but soft to the touch calf leather cover that allows it to fold and bend easily. It is functionally superior to any pad I have owned before. It is aesthetically beautiful in both brown and black. The amazing thing about the leather is that it earns its stripes as you put it through its paces. The leather transforms itself into a vintage looking piece as time goes on. This means that I do not have to worry about scratches or minor wear and tear.

Another aspect that I absolutely love about it is the fact that the pad has refillable pages which are recyclable. I mean I don’t know about you but this is a deal breaker for me. The problem of putting aside one pad for another has been resolved by only replacing the sheets with new ones. This is not only a clever way to keep track of my work but also a sustainable and greener way of doing things.

One thing you should take note of is that the upfront purchase will cost you much more than your average notepad. Did I hear you ask if it is worth the price? Well, only you can answer that. However, If you value what you write in it, then you know the answer to that.

I personally cannot do without it ever since I discovered. So there you have it, the lifestyle companion by Eddie Handmade.

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