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And just like that, 2017 is gone. I can still remember vividly every key moment of my work on Cuts for Him like it just happened. From my trips to the middle east to having a key meeting with one of my favorite grooming brand, Elemis. The sketches I make before a shoot, to waiting for the golden hour to shoot the perfect pictures. Oh, the memories. 2017 was a great year for Cuts for Him. I may need a couple of months to properly label 2017 but I know for sure that it was a key year in the life of Cuts for Him. A year of creative expansion and opened opportunities. Opportunities to work with bigger brands and better creatives.

To help me articulate, here are photos of key work and places I went to in 2017:

The above shot was taken for a piece I did on identity. The piece itself is called Cultured in Culture and can be found here if you fancy reading it. One of my most personal pieces.

Like the first photo, this one just above is a personal one. In fact, it started the Cultured in Culture series. This series looks at being born in one culture but growing up in another. The crossroads these cultures brought into my life. Have a read here.

The above shot was in fact shot in 2016 but only released in 2017. It was a shoot I did exploring 1920 and 1930s gentleman look. Have a read here.

This shot was taken in Dubai when I went to a friend’s wedding. As you can see, it’s all good times. Have a read here about my experience in Dubai.

The above shot was taken in London minutes from where I live. I was taking a walk one summer afternoon when I say this gorgeous sunset. I just had to capture it. Should have bottled it too.

The above shot was taken at a Marks and Spence event called Tailoring Talk. In the shot with me is the very dapper David Gandy. The piece I did on this event can be found here.

This happened to be my favorite shot at the Paris Fashion Week SS18. Cute  – Paris Fashion Week in pictures here.

This shot was taken in the autumn of 2017. It shows one of the workpieces I did with the prestigious Langham Hotel. I had an amazing experience. Read more here.


This view has to be one of my absolute favorites in a very long time. I took this shot in Tel Aviv. This was at a very good friend’s wedding. Just amazing. Read here.

This shot was taken in Tel Aviv too. I don’t need to explain why this was taken lol.


This was taken in Freetown, Sierra Leone. This is one of the shots I took of the beautiful Hotel Barmoi. Read more here.

This shot basically summarises London Fashion Week Men’s SS18. It was dope. Got featured by quote a few major magazines to include Vogue.


The above shot was taken of me being interview by Buzz TV during my very first hosting of Fashion Industry Insiders Event back in May. It was a pivotal day in the life of Cuts for Him as a platform allowing other spinoffs to grow off it.


Here is another shot taken in 2016 but only got to be shared in 2017. Wearing one of my favorite suits in Vienna one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Read more about this suit here.

The above is shot I took of a beach in Freetown during sunset. Another of my favorite travel shots. love this shot

And for this last shot, I just love the whole ensemble of this look. The suit, waistcoat, and even the pose lol.

So there you have it guys. Cuts for Him’s year summarised in pictures.

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