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LFWM AW18 is gone but it seems like I have a hangover from it. I am still putting together some of the photos taken from some of the spectacular shows of the season. Images I should have shared with you weeks ago but life has its own plans, ha.

Having worked with Labrum London on a couple of occasions before, this show was one I most looked forward to for many reasons. One of these reasons was the fact that I did not know what to expect at all and liked the element of surprise. The Labrum brand itself is hard to put into any particular category as it is so unique in its aesthetics. It is a cross between street, smart, and quirky. The pieces have a huge aura of practicality.

So as I was saying, there was no way I was going to miss this show. After queueing out in the freezing cold for over an hour, we were finally let into the showroom which was beautifully decorated with exotic photos of the AW18 collection. Just after grabbing a beer from the bar, I ran into Foday, the founder of Labrum. With a brief introduction to one of the art directors of the show Harris Elliot. I first met Harris at his “Return of the Rudeboy” exhibition a few ago at the hospital club in Soho. Foday and Haris rushed off just before the models walked in to reveal the new collection.

The collection was nothing short of beauty. On one hand, each piece has a unique signature and feel to it, whilst on the other, they all share the same heritage.

The Labrum AW18 is called Freetown which is aptly named after the founder’s city of birth in Sierra Leone. “Freetown Sierra Leone The history people and tribes are all intertwined by one common goal ‘ to live’ each with their own distinctive working method to achieve this belief”.

To find out more about this collection, head over to Labrum’s Instagram page. All in all, I was incredibly pleased to have seen the show and the new collection before it hit stores.

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17 thoughts on “Labrum’s Freetown collection at LFWM AW18 | Cuts for Him”

  1. The collection seems so nice and articulate , I realised the designs brand really touched the root of the designer . Which is quite impressive. Between , is a nice collection ?

    1. The designer would be pleased to hear this. 🙂

      1. They certainly will. Already sent the article to them lol. Have a great day. ps. you blog is amazing

  2. Unique collection. I even like the quirky parts!

    1. The founder has done so well from humble beginnings

      1. Amazing! Its great to see the work of people who start from humble beginnings

  3. great looks! I have never heard of this designer before

    1. Yeah the line is fairly new but it won’t be the last time you hearing about it for sure. It will only get bigger and bigger

  4. Looks like a great collection and I’m glad you were able to get in!

    1. Same here :). The collection is incredible

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