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If you have been checking out my Instagram account over the past couple of weeks then you would have seen that Cape Town was an absolute blast. There were so many things to see and do that we simply couldn’t do them all given the time we had. So it was a tossup between South Africa and Japan for this getaway. I am so happy I went to Cape Town again as Tokyo was at some point a strong favorite. I have not been to Japan before which made it a strong contender but, Cape Town pulled me right back and I am happy I went. Had a great time with friends and made new ones. What could be better eh?

As a fashion and travel content creative, there is one thing that might not be obvious to anyone looking in. Inspiration is so key to everything I do and where I lodge is the bedrock of that. Hilton Double Tree, Cape Town is truly the place to be for any creative or traveling blogger. I couldn’t even overstate (even if I try) how inspired I felt the minute I walked into this hotel. From the décor to the amazing views of the mountain, there was so much to stretch my imagination to create. To the right of the reception desk is the most beautiful spiral staircase I have seen in a long time with a huge chandelier in the middle. I couldn’t resist but to climb up those stairs to the second floor and look down to appreciate the decor around the reception area which included four sets of brightly colored lounge chairs. Little details such as housekeeping staff knocking on my door to offer help in the middle of the day truly helps put me in the right frame of mind. It speaks of excellence.

To help me describe my amazing experience at the Hilton, I have put this article into 5 categories.

Services and Hospitality

Great customer service is very important to me when I stay in hotels. It does not matter if the hotel is at heaven’s gate, if the service is poor then forget it, it is an instant turnoff for me. Hilton Double Tree is one of those hotels that gives you an amazing vibe even before you walk in. We stepped out of the Uber after it pulled up in front of the hotel to a waiting porter who was very eager to help. Before I would finish paying the taxi fare and thanking the driver, the luggages were already on a trolley. I was then warmly welcomed by the customer relations manager at reception where I also received a freshly baked cookie with a glass of fresh juice. I mean come on, these people know how to welcome a guest.

Shortly after arrival, I was taken to my room by one of the receptionists who kindly showed me around my suit which was huge.


Overlooking the harbor on one side whilst Devil’s peak towering over it on another, The Hilton, Cape Town is perfectly located in every sense of the word. The location couldn’t have been better for someone like myself who was always out and about shooting and discovering interesting things to do in the town center. For a hotel that is that close to the town center, it is refreshingly quiet and calm the minute you step into it oasis. Just like the mountains towering over the hotel seem to protect it, the Hotel, in turn, is a perfect place to recline and relax after a busy day in town.

The hotel is perfectly located visit places like Two Oceans Aquarium, head to the top of table mountain via cable car and many other similar tourists spots

With the airport only 15 minutes’ drive, we had a lot of time to spare before catching my flight to Johannesburg which was my next destination.

Food and Dining

You really don’t have to leave the hotel if you don’t want to as far as food and dining is concerned. With a buffet, styled selection of breakfast from around the world served from 7 am to when the main restaurant Liberty, closes at 11 pm, there is plenty of tantalizing dining options. I am not a breakfast person but I made sure I was down at the restaurant every morning to enjoy the huge selection of pastries, exotic fruits, natural yogurts, cooked breakfast and anything my belly couldn’t take.

Liberty restaurant serves a great a la carte menu and all-day dining options. The specially crafted taster menu was nothing short of mouth-watering. Plate after plate was bursting with flavors from seared tuna to the perfectly done grilled beef fillet. Their extensive array of wines is definitely one to explore. I ate and drank my way through everything that was set in front of me to the calming sounds of a live Jaz music. The waiting staffs were simply exceptional with detailed knowledge of everything on the menu and more. The standard of service was a class apart.


Of course, room facilities and space vary based on the package you go for but my room felt like a whole apartment. With the living space, kitchenette, toilet, balcony, and a business space on one floor, and the bedroom accompanied by a shower, another toilet, and a great size bath on the floor above, this was truly home away from home. Actually, I take that back, this was living much better as I do not have a bath at home lol. The suit had everything that would have otherwise made me miss home. Had it not been for the fact that the purpose of the trip was to shoot and explore, I definitely would have spent more time indoors than outdoors. My suite had an open plan kitchenette area with a coffeemaker, a sink, a microwave, toaster, cupboards filled with wine glasses, coffee mugs, plates and cutleries, and a fridge. The living room has massive HDTV with a dining area adjacent to it.

Oh and the view of the mountain from the bedroom is so breath-taking that I could sit there and stare at it for hours. It truly comes to life when the sun sets in the evening and you see the soft golden rays hit the top of the mountain forming an incredible burst of gold and blue sky. As a photographer and a content creator, I live for moments like these as they are the perfect moments to shoot incredible images.


Hilton Cape Town has a small but functional fitness center where I was able to squeeze in an hour of weight training. The gym has treadmills, Cross trainer, Swiss balls, weights, and other equipment that will surely keep you fit. This facility is kept clean at all times.

There is a complimentary shuttle ride to the famous V&A Waterfront. There are ATMs for cash withdrawal, an exchange bureau, a beauty salon, barber shop, and a safety deposit box. Honestly, you dont have to step a foot outside of the premises if you don’t want to as the hotel has it all.

I was honestly a bit sad that I had to leave. Had it not been that I had already purchased my ticket to Johannesburg I probably would have extended my stay. Yes, it was that good. I have no doubt that whenever I go back to Cape Town that DoubleTree by Hilton will be my home.

Thanks for reading and please come back soon to check out the shoot I did in solidarity with the people of Cape Town due to the water shortage the city faced whilst I was there. At the time of writing, the situation has improved and Cape Town is as lively as ever.

Sponsored by Hilton Double Tree, Cape Town

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  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Cape Town! It just looks so beautiful! As does this hotel! Holy cow it looks posh as heck. The food alone!

    1. Hahaha you would love it. The hotel staff will so make you feel at home. Good prices too

  2. It’s a gorgeous hotel and loving the amenities! This will be my first choice when I get the chance to visit Cape Town.

    1. Yeah you should check it out if you are ever in Cape Town 🙂

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