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I really have to be honest here and say Paris has never before appealed to me like it does for so many people. I like the city and its food and architecture but something always seems to be missing. I simply can’t lay a finger on why I feel that way. I have been to Paris so many times that I have lost count but just kept having the feeling of not enjoying it as I should. I joked the last time I was there that for some bizarre reason, every time I go to Paris, something unexpected happens that ruins my trip.

So when I told my blogger friend Lamich Kirabo that I was visiting Paris, she was absolutely sure I would love it this time around. Not the least because we were planning a collaboration.

A bit about Lamich

Lamich was born and raised in Uganda and created her platform called Third Local in 2015. According to Lamich, she recognized a gap in the African market which fails to provides quality content and information about fashion within the continent.

Currently based in Paris, France Lamich “works to provide authentic and conscious content for the young individual across the world seeking a less harsh more purposeful fashion story“. With a huge list of top brands to her creative CV, Lamich has enough experience and talent to plug that gap in Africa and globally.

Two days prior to our shoot, the weather in Paris was the worst it could have been for a photo shoot as it was rainy and cold. This could have literally sealed my lack of appreciation for Paris. However, the sun came out in all its glory on the day of our shoot and the vibe was perfect. I and a photographer friend Kevin hunged around Notre Dame where Lamich joined us a few minutes later. We had so much fun shooting this collaboration after which we had lunch and just hung out. So yeah, Paris this time around was great. I have also come to realize that my taste for Paris is an acquired one. It gets better with every visit and this one has been one of the best. Looking forward to my next visit.

The looks: 

Lamich Kirabo

Kimono – Milk White                                                                                              Jeans – Tommy Hilfiger                                                                                           Shoes – Ninewest                                                                                                     Blouse – H&M

My look 

Suit – Suit Supply                                                                                                         Shirt – T.M Lewin                                                                                                             Tie – Zara                                                                                                                Waistcoat – Suit Supply                                                                                         Shoes – Paul Smith                                                                                           Overcoat – Vintage from portobello road market

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Photography – No limit no sky


11 thoughts on “From London to Paris, when creatives connect | Cuts for Him”

  1. Great pictures! Lamich’s outfit is perfect! I’m glad you enjoyed your trip this time around.

    1. I think I just needed to give Paris a chance lol

  2. Love the photos. They are beautiful. Glad that Paris is gradually growing on you!

    1. Yeah you defo need to visit Paris. You would love it

  3. Love the outfits… Lamich’s kimono is gorgeous 🙂 I also have an issue with Paris till now and like you, I cant quite put a finger on it lol! I should give Paris another chance 🙂

    1. Hahaha yeah it is definitely with another chance!

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