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I was disheartened when I first learned about the water shortage in Cape Town. The city is on the brink of a drought known as the worst in its history. The situation is so acute that authorities have put a date when taps will all but run dry and it is locally known as “Day Zero”. Whilst in Cape Town, Day Zero was expected in the second week of July which is a stark reminder for a visitor like myself never to take such a precious resource for granted.

To help push back day zero, local authorities have encouraged citizens to use no more than 50 liters a day per person. To think that one of my favorite cities in the world will go without water come Day Zero was enough reason to inspire this shoot.

I stand in solidarity with the people of Cape Town during this difficult period.

Big thank you to DoubleTree by Hilton, Cape Town for working with me on this. You have the best hospitality.

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  1. This is a serious problem and it is going to grow worldwide. The main reason is of course global warming. Israel is on the verge at the moment as well and it’s already using its sewage to filter into drilling water. Personally, I think this is not going to stop and it scares me. Thanks for spreading a message!

    1. You are right. The water shortage problem is a global one. Even though the earth’s surface is covered in over 70 percent water, most of it can’t be used for our daily lives. We all just need to wise up to this problem.

  2. Thank you for bringing light to such an important topic – I had never heard of “Day Zero” before. Love how you are bringing in a variety of topics!

    1. Neither have I until I visited Cape Town. Said but its the reality of a lot of people globally. Makes you want to do your best in preserving such an important recource

  3. I have been keeping up with Cape Town pretty closely because I am so intrigued by it and I really do want to know how to help. It’s so baffling and interesting to me and I am genuinely worried about the South African citizens and I think it’s great you’ve dedicated a blog post raising awareness.

    Cheers! x


    1. This issue is close to my heart. I absolutely love Cape Town and to see it almost on its knees on the water front is frigtning. However, I know its citizens are doing their best to combat this problem.

  4. wow that is scary and so not okay. It seems like water shortage is something that affects us on a global scale… we really do take our planet for granted but I think now we’re really starting to see the effects of climate change. Great photoshoot!

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