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It has been a minute since I did an article. In past posts, I know I kept saying and meaning to come back to writing consistently but the reality has been somewhat different. 

The truth is that I have been devoided of my creativity to make digital content and write. I somehow have lost the spark that I had all these years. Things took a turn for the worst just after the Fashion Industry Insiders event I curated in September. Up until a few days ago, I felt stuck as everything I did couldn’t get me out of that zone.

I am pleased to say that my creative juices have started to flow again and I have great plans for the New Year. I am currently working and strategizing with a couple key people to bring you rich content for 2019. The plan may have a more inclusive approach but you just gonna have to wait and see. Its going to be a great year by God’s grace.

Meanwhile, here is an Autumn shoot I did a couple of months ago. Let me know what you think in the comment section below. 

Keep an eye out for an article about the ‘fashion as an art form’ event I curated for Fashion Industry Insiders.

One thought on “Dress to impress for the season | Cuts for Him”

  1. A classy suit. Waistcoat and accessories make the look. Thank you

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