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So Spring Summer 2019 is in full bloom and the weather has been fantastic with the exception of a couple days here and there that has brought back some chills. However, I reckon if we survived cold winter days of minus 3 degrees then we can definitely survive a few chilly but brighter days.

For me personally, I have nothing to complain about as I came back from one of the best holiday ever, recently. I went to Freetown, Sierra Leone and I loved every minute of my 15 days out there.

Freetown, Sierra Leone
Freetown, Sierra Leone

If you follow me on Instagram then you would have noticed some of the things I have been up to as I lived on my stories. Honestly, there was very little that was not instagramable. From the beautiful beaches, to the tasty and healthy food, it was truly paradise.

Paradise holiday - Cuts for Him
Sunset – Freetown, Sierra Leone

To top it all off, I had the pleasure of packing my suitcase with some of the freshest shirts from Duchamp for their SS19 collection. Duchamp is one of my favourite British brands for the simple fact that they take pride and care in making their garments. From the fabric to the patterns, all their shirts tell a story of craftsmanship. Their accessories also rate very high on my list.

Freetown Sierra Leone
Freetown, Sierra Leone

Whether it was for a shirt for me to get on a canoe and explore the intricate corners of the estuaries that flow into the Atlantic Ocean or a dress shirt for me to wear while enjoying the sunset, Duchamp have them all.

Speaking of which, here are my two favourite shirts from the collection.

  1. Boris Floral short sleeved print shirt
Men's wear
Boris Floral Short Sleeved Print Shirt – SS19 by Duchamp London

As mentioned above, this shirt is perfect for me to be lounging about by the sea side or going on a boat to explore. The turquoise sea and blue skies made a perfect backdrop for this black, white and blue floral print. The short sleeves made it very practical for the heat during the day whiles shooting and capturing the scenic views with my camera.

Duchamp London
Boris Floral Short Sleeved Print Shirt – SS19 by Duchamp
Freetown Sierra Leone
SS19 by Duchamp London
  1. Paint mark Degrede shirt
Men's dress shirt
Paint Marks Degrede Shirt – SS19 by Duchamp London

This dress shirt is perfect for evenings. In fact, since coming back from my holiday, I have used it twice for evening out in London. It looks classy and stylish underneath my coloured double breasted blazer. You will have to wait for another article for you to see this but for now, here is how I styled this beautiful shirt for an evening stroll in one of Freetown’s beautiful beaches.

Beach holiday, Sierra Leone, Freetown, Cuts for Him
Paint Marks Degrede Shirt – SS19 by Duchamp London

Pairing this shirt with a pair of seersuckers made all the difference in creating a classy but relaxed look.

Duchamp London has a huge variety of shirts, accessories and garments for every occasion. For more details, I would encourage you to head over to their page to check it out. Let me know what you think.

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This article was sponsored by Duchamp London 

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