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It has been a minute since I did any proper blogger around here. Many apologies to you all. I curated a big event on the 20th of September with the theme ‘Fashion as An Art Form’ for Fashion Industry Insiders. My biggest event to date and I am thankful to God for an amazing team that made it a success. You can check out some of the pictures on the @fashionindustryinsiders page.

Based on the topic name “breakup to make up”, I am sure some of you thought I meant this in a relationship context lol. Far from it. I think I would leave that for your relationship gurus out there.

Break up to make up is specifically talking about suits and how to get the best out of them. The typical suit by definition is a full garment with Jacket and trouser made out of the same fabric. Full suits are generally formal or at least smart depending on the type.

If you are a ‘tailoring look’ kind of person as myself, there is one skill you must master. Breaking up full suits to form mix and match combos. This skill is particularly important if you do not have a many of suits at your disposal

I don’t know about you but I think there is so much fun in deconstructing (as it were) a suit to form a new look with different elements from another suit and accessories. Come to think of it, there isn’t much fun in wearing a full suit beyond picking a suitable tie and a pocket square to go with it. Ok maybe you might have a bit to play with if you want your socks to stand out but that’s about it.

Friends and other people I interact with always assuming I have a lot of suits in my wardrobe as according to them I always have a new look. It always gives me great pleasure to tell them that it’s not how many suits I have but how I use them. The truth is that I do not have half as many suits as people may think. The secret to the many looks is knowing how to break up to make up a look.

To show you how it’s done, I have put together a look from two completely different suits in terms of colour spectrum and patterns. This look is a business casual look with a sartorial feel to it.

The top half for this look is a double breasted grey jacket, whilst the bottom half is a tailored plain navy trouser from one of my favourite suits. If there are two colours that are made for each other, it is navy and grey. You can never go wrong with mixing these two in one outfit. So from two formal suits, I was able to create a third business casual look.

To accessorise the look, I opted for a brown tie, brown and white paisley pocket square, and a pair of brown capped toe shoes. And of course, if you want to go the extra mile for that sartorial look, then you could add a hat to the look like I did.

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