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Cuts for Him | My London, my style

So the team and I created this styling piece a few months ago. If i am honest, this video is one of my favourite for many reasons. However, I found myself holding back from sharing it with you some strange reason. I kind of felt like I needed to add something to the video not because it lacks something but to enhance what it is truly about.

The funny thing is that I couldn’t put put my finger on what I needed to add. It was only a few weeks ago that it donned on me that I should add a voiceover to the video. Yes thats it, a voiceover would enhance what I am trying to relay in the video. The only trouble now is that I have never done a voiceover before and this kind of petrified me. My fear was that it may not sound organic enough given that the video was created months ago and I am only now adding a voice to it.  With a bit of encouragement from people around, I thought to myself I don’t need to be a Morgan Freeman or even a Sir David Attenborough to do this lol. So here is my first take on voiceovers.

Right, back to the concept of this look. The idea for this look as you would have already guessed was Continue reading Cuts for Him | My London, my style


In today’s episode I spoke to blogger and graphics designer Rashpal Amrit.

Here is how the interview went.

Edmond – Hello Rash, please tell our viewers a bit about yourself

Rash – So my name is Rash and I am a graphics designer slash, men’s wear blogger and I alos write for The Dapper Chapper.

Edmond – Very nice, very nice. Thanks for coming here today. Right errrm, my first question to you is, What is style to you, what does style mean to you?
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The essential winter coat – Cuts for Him

So basically, I walked into Reiss clothing store with the intention of finding an outfit to style my sister when I saw this beautiful green wool coat. Lets just say that I couldn’t do anything else until I had it wrapped in a suit bag for me. It was just irresistible.

With it beautiful colour, it definitely qualify for a Continue reading The essential winter coat – Cuts for Him

The functional and stylish overcoat: cuts for him

Let me use this opportunity to wish you all a happy New Year. I pray that 2017 will be a year of great success and growth for everyone.

In the coming weeks, I will share a post where I will outline a bit of Cuts for Him’s vision for this year. It will entail the direction Cuts for Him will be moving towards as a stylist hub, curator, photographer, and blog. I hope you are as excited as I am for this year.

last year (2016) for my last holiday of the year, I took with me an overcoat that I consider to be both functional and Continue reading The functional and stylish overcoat: cuts for him