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Scalpers – New menswear player in town

So basically I had the pleasure of attending the first annual no resolution party by Scalpers at their Carnaby street flagship store last week. As a blogger, I regularly get invites to launch parties so much so that I almost overlooked this one.

The truth is when I read the email from the PR representing them, my first reaction was “not another one again”. I immediately reached for my diary to see how that week Continue reading Scalpers – New menswear player in town


In today’s episode I spoke to blogger and graphics designer Rashpal Amrit.

Here is how the interview went.

Edmond – Hello Rash, please tell our viewers a bit about yourself

Rash – So my name is Rash and I am a graphics designer slash, men’s wear blogger and I alos write for The Dapper Chapper.

Edmond – Very nice, very nice. Thanks for coming here today. Right errrm, my first question to you is, What is style to you, what does style mean to you?
Continue reading INDUSTRY INSIDERS : CF Him meets Rashpal Amrit | CUTS FOR HIM

The essential winter coat – Cuts for Him

So basically, I walked into Reiss clothing store with the intention of finding an outfit to style my sister when I saw this beautiful green wool coat. Lets just say that I couldn’t do anything else until I had it wrapped in a suit bag for me. It was just irresistible.

With it beautiful colour, it definitely qualify for a Continue reading The essential winter coat – Cuts for Him

Khaki suit: A wise choice

A Khaki suit is one of the best investments a man can ever make for the summer season. I know we are almost at the end of the summer now but bear with me as this might be handy for next season. Who knows, you might even get a good bargain on a similar suit in the sale to stock up for next summer.

During the Born to Shine TV interview – With the director Mathilde

My Khaki suit turned out to be an unexpected hit for this summer as I try to look smart but relaxed at the same time. The truth is I only bought myself one by chance as i walked into a Paul Smith discount store in July looking for a pair of shoes. I came Continue reading Khaki suit: A wise choice