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From London to Paris, when creatives connect | Cuts for Him

I really have to be honest here and say Paris has never before appealed to me like it does for so many people. I like the city and its food and architecture but something always seems to be missing. I simply can’t lay a finger on why I feel that way. I have been to Paris so many times that I have lost count but just kept having the feeling of not enjoying it as I should. I joked the last time I was there that for some bizarre reason, every time I go to Paris, something unexpected happens that ruins my trip.

So when I told my blogger friend Lamich Kirabo that I was visiting Paris, she was absolutely sure I would love it this time around. Not the least because we were planning a collaboration.

A bit about Lamich

Lamich was born and raised in Uganda and created her platform called Third Local in 2015. According to Lamich, she recognized a gap in the African market which fails to provides  Continue reading From London to Paris, when creatives connect | Cuts for Him

T.M. Lewin – Heritage is the word

The first T.M. Lewin store opened in Jermyn street in 1898. Yes, that’s like 118 years ago when T.M. Lewin opened it doors to the public. I couldn’t believe it when I found out through Louis the origins and history of this noble brand. Louis was the host of this exclusive in-store styling session where I was one of only five bloggers invited.


I was made to understand that some of the fabric used by T.M. lewin is made exclusively by a company in Scotland by invitation only. I have to admit that I was amazed at what I refer to as the rich history of this high street store. Continue reading T.M. Lewin – Heritage is the word

Dress as you wish to be addressed – Mazda, the spirit of Sprezzatura



I remember saying in a previous blog post that one should only dress as you wish to be addressed. I personally believe that your style is a little window to what’s going on on the inside of you. I also happen to believe that in a world where you are more likely to be judged or compartmentalised by your appearance, one aught to be sure of what image you want to portray through the way you dress.


About a month ago, I did a collaboration with the Japanese car company Mazda on a piece that is part of a series called SprezzaturaSprezzatura celebrate the art of individual style involved fashion industry insiders such as stylist, designers, curators and bloggers. “Sprezzatura is the attitude to your own style where you are relaxed in taking a slightly different approach to the perceived norm” as expressed by the movement. Continue reading Dress as you wish to be addressed – Mazda, the spirit of Sprezzatura